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Hot Headlines   They've Set Americans Up To Be Slaughtered By Our Military Going 'Woke': America's 'Warrior Class' Isn't Wanted So They're Abandoning The US Military In Huge Numbers- Our 'Woke And Weakened Military' Is No Accident   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Intel aims to deliver chips for '100 million AI PCs' by 2025 Forecasters see industry bouncing back from post-COVID lows   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Denver says it's not laying off employees, while also admitting some workers may have their hours cut to zero 'On-call employees' that work with Denver Parks and Recreation could have hourly work reduced to zero to help the city cut its budget   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   North Korea has sent 6,700 containers of munitions to Russia, South Korea says:,Minister Shin Won-sik said the containers might carry more than 3 million 152 mm artillery shells, or 500,000 122 mm rounds. SQ; RUSSIA IS NOT RUNNING OUT OF ANY MUNITIONS   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   A MUST READ;Survivor of Mao's China tells Tucker Carlson the US is heading toward communism after rearing generations of 'Marxists' now running schools and colleges: 'It must be stopped!'   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   90% of tattoo ink contains chemicals that can cause ORGAN DAMAGE, study finds - with more Americans than ever now inked;About a third of Americans have at least one tattoo, statistics suggest   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   California's Sierra Nevada mountains are warned to brace for up to TWELVE FEET of snow as snow storm brings 120mph winds and extreme blizzard condition: Last year's storms saw more than 100,000 homes go without power! Contact- beready23.com   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Dengue Fever Surges by 400% in Brazil After Bill Gates-Backed Gene-Edited Mosquitos Released ;In the first five weeks of 2024, over 364,000 cases of dengue infection have been reported, which is 4x greater than previous cases in the same period of 2023   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Out-of-control wildfires scorch Texas Panhandle and prompt shutdown of nuclear weapons facility:The main facility that assembles and disassembles America’s nuclear arsenal(PANTEX)shut down its operations Tuesday night. SQ;ASYMMETRIC WARFARE UNDERWAY   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Indiana farmers raise national security fears as China buys up over 600 acres, as lawmakers try to ban purchases near military bases amid spying threat;Purchases near military bases or national guard armories would be barred   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Entering a Global Great Depression – David Morgan 'Money is usually the root cause of stress. I have dedicated my work to inform everybody of what is coming and tell everybody what the difference is between money and currency great inflations   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Russians test S-500 system allegedly capable of intercepting hypersonic targets; The S-500 system demonstrated the ability to shoot down hypersonic aerial targets, such as Western hypersonic missiles, combat units of intercontinental ballistic missiles,   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   How the Pentagon Learned to Use Targeted Ads to Find Its Targets—and Vladimir Putin Meet the guy who taught US intelligence agencies how to make the most of the ad tech ecosystem,'the largest information-gathering enterprise ever conceived by man.'   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   Texas wildfire scorches more than 200,000 acres of land with more than 11 MILLION under 'red flag warning' for spontaneous blazes after record-breaking early spring temperatures   2024-02-28  
Hot Headlines   The United States Army is reducing the size of its force by roughly 24,000 troops as the military service continues to struggle to meet recruitment goals.SQ;OXYMORONIC HEADLINE-THEY CAN'T MEET RECRUITNG GOALS SO FIRE 24K SOLDIERS?   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   From Trucker Boycotts To Grid Down – There’s Only One Way To Survive A Food CrisisIt takes around 7-10 days of zero food supply for panic to set into a population (when people finally realize things are not going back to normal).   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   Shocking Revelations Of 'Closely Guarded Secrets' Gives Americans MORE Proof Our Psychopathic Govt Has A Death Wish With Every Intention Of Getting America Nuked: We Have A Govt Of Suicidal Maniacs Who've Sacrificed The American People   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   JUST IN: Google loses $70 BILLION in market value after Gemini AI exposed as woke   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citizens, PNC and Santader announce further 31 branch closures in just one week - is YOURS affected?   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   Kinky secrets of UN trans expert REVEALED: Australian activist plugs bondage, bestiality, nudism, drugs, and tax-funded sex-change ops - so why is he writing he'alth advice for the world body? SQ:THIS IS THE OBAMANATIONS TRANSFORMATION IN ACTION!   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   Trump’s Creation Of CISA Covertly Included A 'Pandemic Delivery System' In 2018:It has been a long standing modus operandi of the United States to disguise its most dangerous projects as protection.   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   There are strange things out there. The world is full of strange, bizarre and mysterious things.SQ;WORLD WIDE MORE PEOPLE ARE SEEING AND FILMING THE ACCELERATION OF STRANGE AND OTHER WORLDLY PHENOMENA AND CREATURES THAN EVER BEFORE   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   How ‘Trusted’ Christian Pastors Coerced Congregations To Take Deadly COVID Vaccines Resulting In Untold DeathsSQ;GOD'S WORD HOSEA 4;6 DECLARES THAT HIS PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE' THANK GOD',FOR THE PASTORS WHO DIDN'T   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   The pyramids were built by a race of giants with elongated craniums and not by men log rolling millions of tons of fine finish granite and limestone blocks for over 1,000 miles.   2024-02-27  
Hot Headlines   Flashback--9/23-->USA groundwater reserves being depleted at alarming rate :The impact of their depletion could be disastrous for the America and for global food supply.   2024-02-27  

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