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Hot Headlines   The Punch Line: All The Charts That's Fit To Print   2012-10-15  
Video of the Day   EMERGENCY IN NEW ORLEANS ANTICIPATED?   2012-10-14  
Story of the Day   A Major “Derivatives Crisis” Is Coming, The Whole World Would Be Thrown Into A State of Chaos   2012-10-14  
Scripture of the Day   Daniel 4 KJV - Nebuchadnezzar the king, unto all   2012-10-14  
Story of the Day   Let the AIs, not us, formulate a billion-year plan! -- SQ NOTE-NOW DO YOU SEE THE WORDS OF JESUS COMING TO PASS THAT IF HE DIDNT SHORTEN THE DAYS --NO FLESH WOULD BE LEFT ALIVE!   2012-10-14  
Quote of the Day   Notable Quotes - Quotes - Rocky Mountain Gun Owners   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   The Global Water Crisis Will Shake Humanity To Its Core [Charts]; SQ NOTE:CHOOSE ALL RELOCATION AREAS ON THE BASIS OF WATER AVAILABILITY   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   STRATFOR: Egypt Is Prepared To Bomb All Of Ethiopia's Nile Dams   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Treating food like stocks and shares is a recipe for disaster Allowing financiers to gamble with food commodities distorts the market and is a real threat to the world's poor   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   This Halloween, Christian leaders challenged to take a stand, or stand down   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   The Other Side of the Culture War Marching under the banner of -rationality- cultural progressives fear the public influence of religion—and often dislike religious people themselves   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Mali Islamists tell France they will open doors of hell   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Earliest Pro-Gun Quotes   2012-10-14  
Story of the Day   UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   You should’ve served US better and died-- Debt collector berates disabled veteran   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Clinton-waives-legal-restrictions-gives-Pakistan-2-billion-more-US-taxpayer-dollars/   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   DEMS FINALLY GO BONKERS   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Scientists Uncover Diversion of Gulf Stream Path in Late 2011 by Staff Writers   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Turkish-Syrian de facto war: Syria bans Turkish flights, Turkey threatens invasion with tanks   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Mysterious noise surfaces in New Zealand: low hum noise baffles Wellington residents   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Indonesia’s Paluweh volcano awakens from 27 year slumber with eruption   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Massive uplift observed in Andean Mountains due to enlarging magma chamber   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   Stagflation Warning: When You Look At What Happened In The First Half Of The 1970s, The Similarity Between Then And Now Is Frightening   2012-10-14  
Hot Headlines   SLIPPERY SLOPE: Turn Your Neighbor in for Owning a Gun in New Jersey and Receive a $1000 Reward   2012-10-14  

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