Photo of the Day 2012 - Photography by Steve Quayle

Hyalite Creek
Roadside Falls
- MacDonald Creek
Kepler Cascades
Two Fishing Boat - getting set for the catch of the day
Two Medicine Lake
Monterey Bay
North Shore Grand Cayman
Cinder Cone
Lobster Claw
Orange Plumeria
Water Lilies
"Intensity" – flowers are the perfect balance of delicacy and beauty
Behold He comes            Riding on the clouds,
Shining like the sun            Let the trumpet call
Frozen Alpine Lakes
The Gorge
Spring Melt
Alpine Lakes adorn the Beartooth Mountain plateaus
Spring in Glacier Park
Glacier Swimming Hole
Many glaciers
St. Mary's Lake
Glacier - like no other place on earth
Shore break
Montana Barnstormers
Summit of Lone Mountain
Mountain goats - close to 10,000 feet - look carefully
Winter Sunset - Spring Thaw
Sulphur-stricken Trees - volcanism on a global sclae will cause 1/3 of the trees on earth to die!
Mammoth Hot Springs Loop
Mammoth Hot Springs - the ever changing colors of creation
Yellowstone River
Mammoth Terrace Bacterial Mat
Norris Geyser pools--surreal!
Sky Inferno - are the skies warning us of coming infernos?
New Leaf - time to turn over new leaf on prep life
Geyser Lake - Pallet of creation
What does this cloud formation remind you of?
Spanish Speaks
Reflections Lake
Going to the Sun Highway
Glacier – God's beautiful masterpiece and the Destroyer's chemtrailed sky!
Madison Valley
Glacier Park's window into heaven
There's nothing so amazing like the sound of rushing water
Glacial Ponds
Lakes in the Beartooth Mountains are still frozen
The Beartooth/Absaroka Wilderness area has more mountains over 10,000 feet than anywhere else in continental US

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