Photo of the Day 2012 - Photography by Steve Quayle

Pilot Peak
Crazy Mountain Lakes – a long hike for great fishing
High Mountain Lakes
Alpine Meadows
Summer Thaw -  Alpine Meadows
Even though darkness descends upon the U.S., Jesus is the light that shines through the darkness. He is the light of the world!
Napali Coast at sunset
Flowers are like the mercy of the living God--they are new every morning!
Amazing erosion patterns
Kauai Beaches - some of the best beaches in the world are on the north end of Kauai
Crazy Mountains - waterfalls, glaciers and lovely flora abound (especially inviting during the heatwave!)
Rapids  - kayakers walked miles to scale these rapids
Sweetgrass Dude Ranch
Crazy Mountain Lakes - wind snow and ice are invitingly beautiful
Crazy Mountain Lakes - high alpine lakes
Beartooth Lake
Mountain Jewels hidden from the eye unless you get God's aerial perspective
Beartooth Highway waterfalls
Canyon Bottom Falls – notice the rainbow!
Clarks Fork River

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