Photo of the Day 2011 - Photography by Steve Quayle

Horse in Bridger Canyon - fall serenity
Two Medicine Lake Glacier - summer's end
West Thumb Geyser Basin - Abyss Pool
Castle Geyser, Yellowstone Park - haunting beauty
St. Mary's Lake, Glacier Park
Glacier Park - you must experience this glorious manifestation of God's splendor
Flathead River -the approach of fall
Teton National Park -mountain golden glory
The Beartooths, Wyoming - alpine splendor
Chromatic Pool, Yellowstone Park - crazy-beautiful chromatic pool
Pilot Peak 10,940 feet
Alpine Lake, Beartooth Mountains
Mount Moran, Jackson Hole Wyoming area
Grand Tetons - early fall is coming
Mammoth Terrace Mineral Pools
Emerald Pool - God's breathtaking paintbrush
Black Sand Geyser Basin - ominous skies over pools of jewels
Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces -Yellowstone Park
Glacier Park - the most beautiful water in the world!
Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces -Yellowstone Park
Norris Geyser Basin -Yellowstone Park
Gun on a Tree - never surrender your firearms – you are the target of the gun grabbers while they arm the gangs
McDonald Creek Falls, Glacier Park - only the foolish would take this resource for granted
Avalanche Gulch, Glacier Park - clean water – more precious than diamonds
Going to the Sun Highway - this is the most beautiful place you will ever see – come to Montana!
Hawaiian Waves - as the waves of God's righteous judgement batter the U.S.-- make Jesus your refuge! Psalm 91
Wailoi Hui'la church sanctuary established 1884 -building dedicated to proclaim Jesus Christ and the Glory Of God
Northwest Shore of Kauai - island splendor
Waimea Canyon, Kauai - painted by the hand of almighty God Himself
Montana – nothing else like it on earth!
Na Pali Coast August 2nd 2011 – the most beautiful and strategic point in the Pacific.
Black Swan Beauty
Avalanche Lake - you really need to visit this wonder of the world!
Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Park
Quake Lake, West Yellowstone - Quake Lake, West Yellowstone area - lake crated by 1959 temblor
Magical Sun - Sun targets earth – are you ready? note the second sun below the main sun.
Headwaters of Missouri River at Three Forks, Montana - Check the massive volume of water at headwaters of the Missouri River at Three Forks, Montana.
Grand Cayman
Pale Horse and green rider to lower right of sun?
Remember the Promise--the rainbow came after the flood
the star gates (of hell) are opening--will they prevail?
Lone Tree at Sunset - the night comes, when no man can work
Lake of Fire
Montana's mountain majesty

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