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Planning for Mars: Israeli researchers carry out four-day mission in the desert to help prepare for a future trip to the Red Planet Feb 18, 2018
Researchers simulated living conditions on Mars near an Israeli township which has similar conditions They studied satellite communications, the psychological effects of isolation and radiation measurements One scientist said: 'A major part of this... read more
What now for SpaceX's Mars-bound Telsa Roadster? Feb 12, 2018
If the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is the world's most powerful rocket, then the Tesla Roadster that it shot into interplanetary space holds the record for the fastest car in history.This cosmic convertible will orbit around the Sun once every 1.6 years, b... read more
Veteran Mars probe looks to the stars for longevity Feb 12, 2018
After spending over 12 years studying the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is getting some preventative maintenance to allow it to remain in service until the mid-2020s. In one of the changes designed to reduce the wear and tear o... read more
Mars as never seen before: NASA's Curiosity rover reveals a stunning panorama of the Martian landscape, looking strangely familiar to earthling eyes Feb 2, 2018
The photo shows the initial landing spot of the rover and the path it has taken over its five year mission so far In the background of the image a mountain can be seen that is more than 50 miles away in the distance The photos were taken on October... read more
NASA releases stunningly detailed image of Mars basin ‘favorable’ to life Jan 28, 2018
The region is hugely interesting to Mars researchers because it shows significant signs of ancient lakes and rivers. The area features a huge impact crater, which was filled in with deposits left behind by a major ancient river called the Ladon Valle... read more
Martian Methane Varies with the Seasons And microbial activity could be the reason. Jan 21, 2018
Here on Earth, atmospheric methane is produced mostly by animals and plants, with the amount varying seasonally. Now measurements taken by the Curiosity rover indicate that methane concentrations on Mars also change with the seasons. The observation... read more
How NASA Will Finally Confirm Life on Mars Jan 18, 2018
NASA is looking to bring a little bit of Mars back home to study. It's no news the U.S. space agency has been roving and exploring the Red Planet for some time, but with all that has been uncovered, so far all the work and results have been achie... read more
Aliens Are Hiding a Secret Base on Mars' Moon Phobos, Buzz Aldrin Suggests Jan 18, 2018
There's an awful lot we still don't know about Phobos, one of the two moons in Mars' orbit, and images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor have only piqued our interest. One image in particular, showing what appears to be an artificial, inorganic... read more
The Key to Finding Alien Life on Mars Is in Tonga Jan 18, 2018
'Volcanic islands are some of the simplest landforms to make…Our interest is to calculate how much the 3D landscape changes over time, particularly its volume, which has only been measured a few times at other such islands. It's the first step to und... read more
Locked away beneath the surface of Mars are vast quantities of water ice. But the properties of that ice—how pure it is, how deep it goes, what shape it takes—remain a mystery to planetary geologists. Those things matter to mission planners, too: Fut... read more
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