THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND OF GIDEON The devils been lying to his angels Assuring them victory is on its way Why once they bring down America What can stand against what they say But theres three hundred vessels of Honor Three hundred pots of... read more
The enemy is not stronger, the Christian soldier is unprepared to fight The church is being trampled because it won’t stand for what is right. Sep 4, 2015
STAND UP Where is the salt of the earth to be found? It has lost its savor and lies upon the ground. It is nothing more than surfacing for the road A place where no seed can possibly grow. The salt is being trampled now underfoot Kicked lik... read more
Dear Brother Steve, I've had many different visions (by the grace of God) and I keep having them. The following are summaries of five of the many visions I have had: (1) The Lord showed me a place that looked to be on the East Coast of the United... read more
America has become unkempt, but the shaving will bring the saving" I woke up and more revelation began to flood my mind. Aug 26, 2015
Hello Steve, I wanted to share a strange revelation that happened earlier this week. I had a strange dream on the early morning hours of the AM of Black Monday August the 25th. I had a revelation downloaded to my spirit as I slept. Here was the... read more
As I read Byrons dream I know it is the same spirit of gross darkness that has come upon the people and they simply and sadly WILL NOT Listen. Aug 23, 2015
Hello Brother, I just finished reading a dream that a brother, Byron, had sent to you. His dream was about to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. The people in his dream were connected like zombies to the electronics. As... read more
I sent you watchman who cried out warnings, but you ignored them. Now the sirens are going off, people are running around not knowing what to do because they put their faith in things and not the one true God of Heaven. Aug 21, 2015
Children you are now witnessing my hand move against the powers of this world. Even they are amazed at what little power they have over the earth. I am the great judge and jury, and I will have the final sentence verdict. You have allowed my li... read more
God help us to be the people we never imagined we could be. We look forward to going places we never imagined we would go. Empower us to do those things we never imagined we could do. Aug 17, 2015
Dear Brother Steve, I am writing to share with you a dream I had a few days ago. I dreamt I was sitting at a table speaking with a now deceased but former founder of a Christian Television Network. This was strange in itself as I was not a watcher... read more
I felt that I was being told that I needed to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. After hearing you, once again, I think now I know why I was impressed to tell you too Aug 14, 2015
Dear Steve, I had this dream a couple of weeks ago, it struck me as important and my Wife told me that I should tell you but I thought why bother? I thought that it was only connected to myself and that it was only informational to me so I let it b... read more
Many of us also feel that our country has been lost because the Church hasn't done her part to maintain it, and we're pretty doggone angry about it. Aug 13, 2015
8 days ago, I emailed the following letter to roughly 40 pastors in my area. It was written to my former pastor, but I decided to not deliver it to him for a few reasons: 1) I've known my former pastor for over 20 years. We were very close frie... read more
The two dreams are one in the same. When the first warning comes ,most people will say " it's happened before, this will be fixed". Then suddenly they will be taken by surprise Aug 8, 2015
Celentes warning and prediction of stock market crash sounds very similar to brother bobs vision from couple years ago. I've prayed over that vision many times to ask God to give me insight and wisdom into when and how this would come about. For t... read more
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