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Mars: Inside the High-Risk, High-Stakes Race to the Red Planet If the trip doesn’t kill you, living there might. Jan 6, 2018
The physical challenges of spending a year in space are numerous. But it's the emotional challenges of being away from Earth that linger for cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko. Here he shares his unique perspective on the psychological toll that a Mars jour... read more
My Year on 'Mars' Physicist Christiane Heinicke spent 365 days sequestered with five others in a geodesic dome on the side of a Hawaiian volcano to test what isolation might do to the psyches of the crew on a Mars mission Jan 3, 2018
We lived and worked for an entire year halfway up Mauna Loa under conditions similar to those that explorers on Mars will encounter. We called the 1,200-square-foot space that we lived in our “habitat,” and whenever we left it we had to wear spacesui... read more
Sumerian Prehistory in Antarctica Jan 2, 2018
The mysteries found within the continent at the bottom of the world continue to astonish us. One thing that has ceased to surprise me, however, is the lack of MSM coverage of discoveries that ought to be dropping the jaw of every thinking person on t... read more
We've Been Looking for Life on Mars in the Wrong Place, Say Scientists It's time to dig a little deeper. Dec 19, 2017
While the United States government tries to figure out whether alien life is out there zooming around on UFOs, scientists are attempting to figure out whether life could actually have existed on Mars. Understanding the conditions that would be necess... read more
Mars exploration: NASA programs set to 'take' first humans to the red planet Dec 15, 2017
With the Mars Base 1 program, guests will simulate living on the red planet and face scenarios such as cleaning off solar panels obstructed by Mars dust.... read more
A glitch in the matrix: NASA reveals strange 'distorted' image of the Martian surface Dec 14, 2017
A stunning new image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals faults on the surface of Mars In the image, faults can be seen creating clean breaks in the deposits, or causing them to stretch out NASA says the view offers insight on the differe... read more
Discovery in Antarctica changes everything we know about aliens Dec 11, 2017
We propose that atmospheric H2, CO2 and CO provide dependable sources of energy and carbon to support these communities, which suggests that atmospheric energy sources can provide an alternative basis for ecosystem function to solar or geological ene... read more
Breakthrough for growing food on Mars after scientists prove worms that are vital to healthy crops can reproduce in 'Martian soil' Nov 28, 2017
Now, scientists have discovered that worms can reproduce in 'Martian soil' for the first time. The findings suggest that worms could reproduce on Mars, in what is a major step towards colonisation of the red planet.... read more
Scientists discover bacteria from Arctic permafrost can withstand Mars-like environment Nov 27, 2017
The study allows the scientists to approach the understanding of the survival limits of microorganisms placed in natural substrates under extreme conditions... read more
Antarctica Russia Reveal: It Is Not What We’re Being Told (Video) Nov 25, 2017
HIDDEN CONTINENT UNDERNEATH ICE OF ANTARCTICA Russia recently revealed that there is another continent hidden under the ice in Antarctica and many people think that this is where an ancient civilization that fell lies. This is what has been said to b... read more
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