TEARS Tears must have formed the crystal river that flows by the foot of the throne. It was on the day Jesus went away, leaving His Father and His home. The angels wept, and God’s tears were shed when Jesus came to live with man. There was n... read more
A voice from Heaven said, 'This (the blowing white ash from a fire) represents nuclear weapons activity! Prepare, this is coming soon!' Apr 8, 2014
I dreamed this last night. I was aware of the fact I was dreaming. In this dream, I was with a group of people taking cover in an underground shelter from a passing storm that could spawn tornados. The shelter had 2 rooms, one room had the group o... read more
A feeling of intense fear and imminent danger came over me as I yelled at everyone in the diner 'oh my god they are invading' I yelled to everyone that we must get out of here fas Apr 8, 2014
Steve last night I had a dream that was very intense. In the dream I was in a diner located on the ocean. I live on the ocean on the east coast but felt like this was the west coast. We were in a diner talking about the missing Malaysian Airlin... read more
Chinese Bank was within a new Chinese City inside of the U.S., AFTER the INVASION - an OCCUPATION! Apr 7, 2014
Brother Q, Dream from last night: I was inside a huge Chinese Bank, the size of a City block, with floor to ceiling windows on all four sides, with long red Chinese banners! It was daytime as I looked outside at a large parade of Chinese sol... read more
In the vision I was seated in a theater. The show had not yet started. A number of other people were there as well. Waiting to see what would happen - the wait took a long time. I was given to understand that we were there to watch events - real events - Mar 31, 2014
Steve, Hawk, I had a vision this evening, and the Lord told me to write it down. It was a bit longer vision, and I wrote it down in sections as they were received. When I began to write the first part, I happened to see the clock: it read 11:11 p... read more
I was shown the West Coast in piles of rubble, and the center of the US was a huge waterway clear up to the mid west states. The East Coast looked smashed and gutted. We were done as a people Mar 29, 2014
Dear Brother in Christ, I have been tormented on whether or not I should mention to anyone the encounter I had with the Holy Spirit several nights ago. You see, I am no one special. I am a daughter of the living God through the blood of Jesus,... read more
A past 'Headline' regarding the burning of aborted babies as a source of energy was beyond belief. It seems the sacrificial alters to Molech have changed only in their architecture from antiquity to today. Mar 29, 2014
I WAS A CHILD To swing from a rope hanging in a tree to play in a puddle pretending it’s the sea, to be the sheriff of an old western town, or painting my face like I was a clown. I’ll never do these simple things. They are confined to dwell... read more
'They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.'-Revelation 12:11 Mar 23, 2014
On Thursday night, March 20th, 2014, Tom Horn of the Raiders News Update made a statement on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report that should shake every Bible-believing follower of Christ to their core. He stated, "the latter-day church goer is soon goin... read more
The most startling thing was it was so UNEXPECTED. One day normal the next day total chaos. It was the Russians in my dream. It was so horrible. They were all over the US, like they came out of hiding. Mar 23, 2014
Now 3-23-14 Last night, I had a dream about missiles coming out of the ground, shooting into the air. They were white and blue tipped with a couple of stripes on the bottom, like blue stripes around the bottom of the white long body. I see them... read more
Men are unwilling or too afraid, to act, afraid to speak, the truth is feared The tolerance of the people bears a price, costing all that we hold dear. Mar 22, 2014
THE DARK FRONTIER Threating, the always foreboding “EMP” seems daily imminent to appear We sit silently apathetic, waiting at the precipice of a Dark Frontier Men are unwilling or too afraid, to act, afraid to speak, the truth is feared The tole... read more
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