In documents that had access but that don't have enough elements that they can check its authenticity, I verified that one week before the German surrender, the commandant of the " fleet " of German submarines, Admiral Doenitz, affirmed that would never surrender to the Allies.

Leaving of the ports of the Baltic sea with about 128 U-Boat submarines , series 21 and 23,   in direction to South Atlantic, taking gets numerous cientists and equipment. In the initial course he went in direction to the Faeroer Islands, crossing the " channel " between these and Iceland, in direction to the South. The Allied secret services discovered this maneuver and Doenitz, and a fleet of several North American " war ships waited " for the submarines. According with information that I got to have access, but without confirmation at 100%, a great naval battle happened between Faeroer Islands and Iceland, in which the submarines didn't have low and in that some of them made use of weapons KSK - KRAFTSTRAHL KANONEN (the same ones that were installed in VRIL) having caused " great damages " in the allied fleet.

Of these 128 submarines, one of them transported the ambassadors of Japan in Germany.

After this battle and while they went for the Antarctica territory, admiral Doenitz will have ordered a course alteration at 3 of the 128 submarines:

German submarine in Atlantic

The first, went to Portugal transporting secret documents for they be given to Dr. Salazar. After reaching the Portuguese coast, this submarine it was sunk for the own sailors near  Leixões harbor . The destiny was traced for Leixões, once Lisbon was, in those years, the largest center of espionage in Europe.

The second submarine leave with destitation to South America (Earth of Fire),  to give instructions (?) to a colony of German refugees in escape to the Allied occupation in Europe.

With relationship to the third submarine, he went for the... United States! This submarine, transported inside of some torpedos hambers, a few boxes with plans of drawn  manufactured airplanes in Germany up to 1945. That were just airplanes plans !

Those documents stop being secret there are few years.

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