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Parallelly, while the Germanic cientists improved VRIL, the HAUNEBU,and the RFZ , other " strangers " events had,  they were happened quickly, starting from 1938.

But we begin for this part of the history of the XX Century , partially ignored, and that involved Portugal directly.

One of the great problems that they came across in the XX Century, after the I World War  (1914-1918), it was the mail transport between Europe and America. Already then, in the twenties, two companies disputed the correspondence transport through Atlantic: Pan American Airwais, North American, and Lufthansa, German.

As the trips were long and still for top, on the vast ocean, problems replenishment logistics and maintenance were placed, to the airplanes of those companies, that ended for opting for they use hydroplanes, that, for road it rules, they did of the  Azores islnads as replenishment point. 

Being very difficult gone down in the Azores sea , the Germans got in an ingenious way to surpass the problem, with low costs: the ship-catapult use, that they traveled Atlantic, throwing the airplanes destined for the continents, when its autonomy allowed it. For norm, and for meeting very located, of Azores Islands, became scale point and of it picks up of the airplanes, in its return. Using a long screen " strip dragged " by the ships, this reduced the existent the sea undulation ( the height of the waves),  facilitating it "gone down in the sea of the Lufthansa hydroplanes .

Some ship-catapult became famous; among them I highlight the BREMEN, the WESTFALEN and the SCHWAABENLAND. This last one, built in 1925, threw hydroplanes of 14 tons to 150 Km/h.


The SCHWAABENLAND was a modern ship, well equipped, with sophisticated communications systems,  and with an excellent meteorological station, tends as operational base some times, the HORTA harbor, some times Faial harbor, Azores.

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On May 24, 1939 the ship was visited by the North American president's brother Roosevelt. On that same day, the commandant of the ship, with expressed order from Berlin, it left of the  Azores Islands to Germany where, after a fast and effective repair, he goes for the Antarctica, in Southern Hemisphere. Its mission is the one of to occupy and to demarcate a territory portion of that continent, with about 600.000 Km squares, claiming that area as being German possession the one that gave the name of NEU-SCHABENLAND (New Sueve).



Today, this map, cannot, to be exhibited in Germany ...and who as it can take it to the prison

The subject was already lifted in the parliament of the Federal Republic, once there is not any law that prohibits it! ! !


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Territory occupied by Germany starting from 1938 in Antarctica, the one that gave the name of  NEU-SCHABENLAND 


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The arrival of the nazis to Antarctica ( 600.000 Km2) and the " demarcation " of the territory occupied, through thrown harpoons of hydroplanes


One of the people that integrated this expedition into Antarctica was HELMUT WOHLTHAT, that was the main consultant of GOERING (Boss of  the German Air Force, and that,  it was element of cupula of the VRIL society ). HELMUT WOHLTHAT,  elaborated an extensive report of this expedition to Antarctica giving it personally GOEING on May 9, 1938.

In October of 1939 (about one month after the beginning of World War II) the ship SCHABENLAND it is given to the LUFTWAFFE (German Air Force). On December 17, 1939, the ship leaves again of  Hamburg harbor, Germany,  in direction to the Antarctica Continent, " packed " of cientists and equipment, to install a " base ". Going by Portugal, with destination to Southern Hemisphere, the ship also transported airplanes throwers of harpoons to do " demarcations " of the busy area, in the Antarctica...

Returned Hamburg in April 11, 1940, the ship and respective crew was received in Germany, as heroes.

In August of 1942, the ship was transferred for a base in Norway (already occupied by Germany), accompanied of one  escort of 24 war ships. During about a year and half nobody knew where it was and... it was not possible to find any record on its "whereabouts". There is to have in attention that,  a section of the territory occupied by the Germans in Antarctica, it was attributed " to Norway, for scientific experiences , by the Society Nations.

On May 19, 1943 the allied forces suspected since something of strange happened in the " Antarctica German base "  because of the great " movement " of submarines in direction to the South Atlantic. The North American president, Roosevelt, informed in a missive to the president from Brazil, correspondent through its ambassador, that the portuguese primer minister, Dr. Salazar, doesn't give the agreement for the installation of a North American aerial base in Azores, because the Germans get ready to install in the Islands a submarines base, once, frequently there they made scale, as it is verified in the document that transcribes partially to proceed: 

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U-Boat  submarine in Azores 


This situation did with that English and North American commandants were to prepare an operation " to occupy " temporarily the Canarias and Cabo Verde Islands.

On May 23, 1944, an intelligence services document, affirmed that "Salazar continues to play with the time" before giving an answer to the request formulated by the North Americans.

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U-Boat submarines in Antarctica in 1943

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