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Hot Headlines   Insider Source Resurfaces to Update the Threat Assessment to the American People: 'when they turn the lights out on your neighborhood.'Foreign entities armed with night vision will go from house-to-house killing everything in sight in the night!   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   The growing gap in retirement savings: Half of American families have zero in retirement savings and most are worse off than they were in 2007.   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   ‘The Bible Is Banned’ – China Shuts Down Churches, Threatens Christians:China’s crackdown on the booming house church movement continued this fall, with government officials raiding worship services and even telling Christians they could no longer read th   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   South Korea Releases Imagined 'Preemptive Strike' Video On North...South Korea has so far brought in 13 F-35As, beginning with two in late March, under a plan to deploy 40 fifth-generation jets through 2021   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   The Current Magnetic Flip Will Have Dramatic Consequences For Life on Earth SQ-AS THE MAGNETIC FIELD FLIPS ,THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE FLIPPING OUT AND LOSING IT,MENTALLY IS OFF THE CHARTS   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Off the Chart Cosmic Rays Surge 22%Something ironic is happening in Earth's atmosphere. Solar activity is low--very: low. Yet atmospheric radiation is heading in the opposite direction. Cosmic rays percolating through the air around us are at a 5 year hig   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Hawaiian volcanic activity could become the catalyst that unleashes an extinction level event in the Cascadian Subduction Zone   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Communist Traitors Have Set The Stage For Civil War With Radical Left Primed For Violent Uprising Against 'The Rule Of Law' - 'Every Genocide In Modern History Has Started With Gun Registration Followed By Confiscation'   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Study: Foreign Workers, Tourists Deliver 72K Anchor Babies a Year in U.S.   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   San Fran Loses Major Tech Conference Due to 'Poor Street Conditions' Concerns mount about city's capacity to host large events   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   The Cost of America’s Cultural Revolution Social-justice crusaders are stripping the future of everything that gives human life meaning: beauty, sublimity, and wit,How a civilization survives with so much contempt for itself is an open question.   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Virginia Headed Toward Open Conflict as Democrats Vow to Seize Gun:The battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 took place because British troops were sent to confiscate guns; the citizenry KILLED them for trying.It's Lexington and Concord all over again!   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   As the Rule of Law Breaks Down, Prepping Is No Longer An Option-Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges-CSS :The Left will burn down the country before every conceding power to the far more numerous conservatives.   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   'Massive... Huge... Largest Ever': Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   With Demographic Change, Comes Consequences: Non-White Legal Immigrants Turned Virginia Blue, Now Democrats Threaten Deploying National Guard on Predominately White Counties Refusing Gun Control   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   Exploring the Most Secretive Military Bases in the World: Area 51, Kasputin Yar, Porton Down, Floating China Bases, Pine Gap   2019-12-13  
Hot Headlines   A 5.2-magnitude quake on Wednesday struck off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture were thousands of bags of radioactive waste and 1,000 tanks of dangerous radioactive contaminants are stored.   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Strange Things Are Happening In The Waters Along The West Coast, And The Fish Are Starting To Disappear   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   RED, YELLOW & BLUE LISTS ARE REAL & THEY ARE TARGETING US' Lastly and perhaps most importantly, understand that the lawless Left is determined to silence the Constitutionalists and Conservatives by any means necessary'-Doug Hagmann   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   Insider Source Resurfaces to Update the Threat Assessment to the American People...I am not supportive of a civil war, but civil war is going to be forced upon us and our military will be split.With what is coming, you will either be a resister or dead   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   What They Found Hidden Beneath the Waves…Lost Ancient Underwater Ruins, Cities & Civilizations   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   National Guard To Be Deployed Against Virginia 2A Sanctuaries? :These individuals have stated they are willing to deploy the National Guard against citizens in the event of lack of compliance with bills coming to the table next year.   2019-12-12  
Hot Headlines   There is a ticking time bomb in the Arctic and off most mid-latitude continental shelves. Geologic history indicates that it has happened before. National Geographic Special: The Day The Oceans Boiled   2019-12-12  

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