The Everyday Gourmet

Exceptional recipes for cooking with long-term food storage.
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Table of Contents


Kitchen Conversions Breads - Rolls
Cereals - Grains
Pancakes - French Toast
Muffins - Doughnuts
Egg Dishes
Rice Dishes
Stews - Soups - Chill Vegetables
Beans - Legumes
Pasta Main Dishes
Tvp - Vegetable / Meat
Savory Sauces
Sweet Sauces - Toppings
Cookies - Bars
Interesting Extras
Dutch Oven Cookery
Fish - Wild Game

6-3/4" x 9-3/4", 350 pp
Spiralbound - 1999


Why "The Everyday Gourmet"?

The Everyday Gourmet takes stored foods into the gourmet realm with recipes using common ingredients that you would proudly serve company. These recipes are easy to follow for even the beginner cook but they taste like hours of work in the kitchen were required to produce them. The Everyday Gourmet lays flat since it is spiral bound and it is a convenient size for small working spaces. It features nineteen, different, tabbed, food categories illustrated with full color photos - filling 350 pages.

Don't Leave Home Without It! ......(grin)

As the originator of the term "life assurance" and having been in the preparedness and disaster business for over twenty years, a recurring question that kept arising was the desire from thousands of people for a greet cookbook with delicious recipes based on the ingredients that are available for long-term food storage purchases. Up until The Everyday Gourmet was formulated and written by Shari Haag, everything else was basic, plain, and to tell you the truth, boring! Shari is a rare talent and an extremely gifted gourmet cook. She never does anything half-hearted or half way. Her artistic talents and incredible sense of what rooks good have caused her to be in demand in the Pacific Northwest! An unbelievable number of her biggest Fortune 500 clients have asked her to return to the world of home design and interior decorating!

However, Shari felt impressed to provide a panoramic presentation of delightful recipes that would be nutritionally excellent as well as remarkably flavorful, to which she has most certainly succeeded! Eighteen-hour days for months on end were required in order for The Everyday Gourmet to be written from the ground up! Thousands of variations were tried and tested to adapt her award winning recipes to the world of long-term food storage. You will be delighted and amazed as you integrate her recipes in to your everyday meals. This cookbook will open a whole new vista of possibilities and opportunities to your family! In a crisis or emergency situation, nothing helps to keep the correct emotional balance and perspective as much as a warm and delicious meal, maintaining correct nutritional intake and insuring your peace of mind. The Everyday Gourmet by Shari Haag will help you to keep a handle on your health and will stop the 'growling noises" in your stomach, freeing you to focus on your other preparedness skills and demands.

Bon Apetit,
Stephen Quayle

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