Update on Coming Food Shortages and Water Dislocation

Over the weekend massive amounts of intel came in to me from around the world concerning the planned control of food as the great quakes, famine, volcanism and weather manipulation undergo full fury. Global starvation which is being implemented in the skies above us daily, as well as full scale weather wars and the resultant devastation play out before our eyes on the evening news. Temperature extremes impacting the growing seasons worldwide and a planet in convulsion are providing the "End of the Age" recipe for disaster and destruction.

Food prices will explode with some products being off the shelves and out of reach for the common man. Statements such as "it will be relatively easy to control 250 million starving people by allowing them access to the food that's made available only to those who take the 'chip'" should be your clarion call to action. Most Americans will surrender their birthright, lives, freedom and sovereignty for a bowl of soup, MRE – or worse – a wafer of Soylent Green!

Ask yourself why human genes are being introduced into your diet and why your appetites are being changed. I'll give you the answer. The Illuminists want to turn us into cannibals. Forget the dog-eat-dog world its now "long pig" on the menu! The "Morlocks" of modern science are upon us and the "Eloy" in America are ripe for the slaughter, just as pictured in HG Wells novel, The Time Machine. The long-term storage food market is so thin that if 5,000 people panicked in one day it would be impossible to fill the orders in a timely manner!

E-mail me at stevequayle777@yahoo.com to beat the panic or call Ryan at 406-581-0182.

Those of you who have precious metals that have experienced great price appreciation may want to consider Dri-Harvest's offer below. The last place you want to be is standing in a re-location camp waiting for your handout which may ultimately result in you becoming a "take out menu item".

To all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The planned martial law shutdown of the U.S. coupled with trucking strikes and bank and credit card shutdowns are going to accelerate the riots and general mayhem in the U.S. starting in the weeks ahead. Class warfare and racial strife are being stirred up and fomented at the highest levels of the government.

For over 35 years I have been alerting people to understand that the most important survival plan starts with long term storage food and water storage. Due to the Fukushima radiation contamination of the Northern Hemisphere what you don't acquire now may mean the difference between clean food and radioactive contaminated food stuffs.

I have made a deal with Dri-Harvest foods of Bozeman Montana, to take silver and gold bullion in trade for all their food packages and case items. They will give you $50.00 per oz. over the spot price of Gold and $2.00 over the spot price of silver for your food purchases from them.

Everything is available on a first-come-first-serve basis to take advantage of the precious metals offer. If you would like to come and pick up your food in person you will receive a 5% additional discount for gas and lodging.

Please note that Dri-Harvest has the largest selection of protein of any and all food companies and the highest calorie count for your dollars. The taste factor is amazing, as I get to taste everything before they integrate it into their menus.

The countdown has begun, and we are just weeks away from panic buying.
E-mail me at stevequayle777@yahoo.com or call Ryan at 406-581-0182. Remember the Illuminists plan to starve you to death and poison our food and water supplies.

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