Broken Radio Antennas

Many times the telescoping antenna on a portable shortwave radio will become damaged or completely broke off rendering the radio useless on shortwave!


A metal tape measure like the kind used in construction can be used as an emergency antenna!

Simply pull the antenna out to 9 or 10 feet and lock it so it stays extended. Next turn the housing so the metal antenna stands straight up. Use a jumper wire with 2 alligator clips to connect from the radios telescoping antenna to the rular antenna. Make sure to connect to the rular as close to the housing possible! You will be amazed at how well this make shift antenna works!

If you have a transceiver with a tuner, you can even transmit on this antenna! The length is easily adjustable for resonance and many frequencies as many of these rulars extend to 25 feet! Now, 25 feet extended will not stand straight up so some form of a sloper hung from the far end will work well!

This is a good tip to know that you can have a 25 foot metal antenna ready to go clipped right on your belt or tool belt!

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