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With more people coming to the realization that they may not only have to "bug-out", to get out of a populated or un-safe area, but to form a group to have the support "staff" of others to form a community of sort. The "survival community" consisting of not only skilled people, but to be functional community for those people. The cost of one of these never stops, if you put the needed equipment and supplies at hand. Naturally the community needs several features. Being a "survival community" it probably be best to be as secluded as possible. As strategically located as possible to be defended, like on high ground, with as many natural obstacles on it's perimeter, like swamps, creeks, etc.

Much like the early settlers of the United States, a community needs to be located near water, for drinking, cleaning, etc. To have access to land to use for livestock, gardens, greenhouses within the secured perimeter. Food production is probably the most important issue after security. Safe food preparation is also key for a survival community. You can only bring so much factory prepared food. Rather it's canned goods or MRE type stuff. So sooner or later you will have to grow or raise your own food.

With that the case, your will need a place to prepare the meats, to first butcher the animal, and cut it into smaller pieces, to smoke it, or salt it since your ability to refrigerate will probably be restricted. With a group of say 20 people, the ability to centrally prepare and cook meals will save a lot of resources.

If the community consist of several structures, most will have stoves, but come summer time you will not want to heat up the house you are expected to sleep in. A small structure can be prepared for both the cooking and the location to butcher animals /etc. Wild game, fish, and your "farm" raised animals will make up your meat supply. And as the wild game starts to run out, with every Tom. Dick, and Harry in the woods hunting & fishing, you better look seriously into acquiring animals, and to at least prepare their pens/cages now.

I small 10' X10' or 12' X12' structure could easily built to house food preparation facility, and actually another one for your chicken house. If you have access to a water well, a small 12 volt Shur-Flo pump could be used to give your building some running water to help wash during food preps and washing dishes/trays after the meal. A large BBQ could be your "fire pit" where you could grill food, and the use of a home-made box for a oven could easily be place on the grill when baking is required. By using the BBQ pit, the exhaust could be also used for the "smoker". and just build a small closet size smoke house attached to the same building. With a BBQ pit you could use standard firewood for your fuel source, to save your propane in the house for heating or the hot water heater. If you look around you may be able to locate some used stainless steel counter tops / sinks/ etc. for cheap or even free. Remember you are trying to establish a location to prepare safe meals. A place that can be kept clean.

For summer naturally you want to have some ventilation, so big windows may be in order, but place some good screen in the windows to keep the "flies" out. Depending on the size of the group you could be dealing with large quantities of meat, naturally attracting flies and other rodents.

Sanitation will be very important. You can keep the plan for the outdoor kitchen real simple. Four walls with some windows. Depending on your group size, and what it will all house, will depend on how big you build it. But it will save you from having a handful of people track into someone "house" 2-3 times a day, and to have a safe place to prepare your meat supply.

Also, stock the outdoor kitchen with plenty of useful "butchering" type tools. This is not a weekend deer hunt, but where you may be from now on out. A pressure cooker/ steamer would come in handy to can some of your meat if need be. Don't forget a supply of canning jars and lids. Remember, infrastructure, infrastructure!

Nov. 17, 2004
submitted by Wendell

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