Intelligence, Disemination, and your Crediblity

By Pointman

This essay is on Intelligence, Dissemination of the info, and your credibility. You can have the best information in the world, and it could save millions of lives, and you have the avenue to reach these millions, but if your credibility is ruined from passed misinformation or inaccurate information, what good are you. I will share with you ways to ensure that you get the info properly, how to verify it, and what to do with it. We already have the venue to get it too the people with the likes of SQ, AJ, and others on talk radio. What we need to do in this lateness of the hour is be able to get it, verify it, and present it as factual and up to date.

First off we need a format and the U.S. Army has given us years ago when the develop the acronym SALUTE, and this format will work with virtually every situation you would come across till the second coming.

S.....size of what you see, whether it be an aircraft carrier, or 7 men setting up a road
block, to 13 kids playing ball, to a crowd of 500 demonstrating on main street.

A.....activity, what was the aircraft carrier doing when you saw it going out of port or coming in, or the 7 men setting
up the road block, or the 13 kids doing in the field, or the crowd on main street

L.....location, was the aircraft carrier tied up at the pier or headed out of port, was the
7 men putting up or tearing down the road block, was the crowd rioting or peaceful

U....unit, was the carrier ours or somebody else's, was the men police or military, was
boys a gang or neighborhood kids, was the crowd college students or mothers.

T....Time, what time was it, how long did it last and did it look like it would be
repeated, and of course AM or PM, was the carrier full of airplanes, or damaged, did the men have a
humvee, jersey barriers, a tank or machine gun, did the boys have a foot ball or
baseball, did they have uniforms, was the crowd dressed in pink or did they
all have mask on.

All you have to do is remember the word salute and memorize the acronym acouple of times and you have a ready made check list to go over as you watch the event. If everybody uses this the person giving the report should remember what was said and done, and the person the report knows what questions to ask if the reporter forgets.

Now here are some tips, but you need to actually start practicing this form of reporting info. Start carrying a camera, preferably a digital, or video. Have it ready and for God sakes know how to use it.

Carry a small tape recorder, you can record what you see, using the format as you drive by, or watch. Use the acronym above when speaking into the recorder, do it slowly, deliberately, and be very detailed in your report, this way you can call somebody like SQ and replay the recording over the phone.

Now here is the hard one, try and always travel with somebody who is like minded, and that shouldn't too hard by now, as short as time is I would think most of you have gathered together. They should have the same equipment with them, and they should do the same thing as you are. If both of you do the same thing there is less chance of batteries going dead, and losing the info, they might get a totally different perspective than you did, and you can combine notes and get a clearer, more detailed picture of what just happened.

DO NOT ADD TO WHAT YOU SEE, LIKE JOE FRIDAY ON DRAGNET, JUST THE FACTS, NOTHING MORE, NOT YOUR IMPRESSION, NOT YOUR TAKE ON THE MATTER, JUST THE FACTS. i.e.; awhile ago, there was a report of apache helicopter in my home town, here, and that they refueled and hovered of reporting parties house. They were at ground level and did not see them land or take off, the angle of the choppers when they were over the reporting parties house would make you think they did, just take off, but in fact they did not, nor did they refuel. 

From my advantage point which was above and far enough away I saw them when they enter our airspace, and when the left the entire thing I saw, so did both my reporting parties the ground near the airport. Here is what happened, they came in from the north from salmon, at approximately 300 feet following the river, when the got to the end of the runway, they dropped down to about 30 feet along the entire runway then started to gain altitude, just above the reporting parties house and head south to junction 75 and then headed west. One was or appeared to have armament on and the lead on didn't. Now can you see the difference in the report, one read into what they thought they say and it was entirely different then what happened.

You have to be detailed and precise in what you see or the info becomes useless or worse, cause a reaction that is unnecessary, now see I would question that party reporting something to me after what I saw and what I know to be true. Your credibility is at stake here folks, so if you put your name on it, make sure it is correct.

If you do not have a camera, or a recorder, then carry a notebook and pencil, all of us are the eyes and ears for everybody else,, not be a couch potato and let somebody else do all the dirty work. If you become proficient in the salute report, when we are at war with TPTB, then it will still come into play and be useful. You should teach everybody who cares about themselves and the country to understand these principles and carry this equipment with them. They will still need this equipment even after the balloon goes up, and we all are on the run, for when you get back to camp, trust me everybody will want to know.

So carry the gear, and remember the acronym, and for God sakes, just report what you see, nothing else, you do not need to BUILD UP THE STORY TO MAKE YOURSELVES MORE IMPORTANT, if you are on the run, then you are important because you are standing up against Satan. REMEMBER THIS,.... YOUR REPORT, CAN AND WILL SAVE LIVES, AND IF YOUR REPORT PROPERLY THE INFORMATION YOU SAW, THEN THE RADIO HOST CAN PUT THE INFO OUT, BUT IF YOU REPORT IT WRONG, for whatever reason, whether it is to inflate your ego, or to mislead,..... people can die because of your intell, and on JUDGMENT DAY YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.......pointman

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