Katrina and FEMA

September 5, 2005
by Robert

Dear Steve:

I've listened to you over the years and am most thankful for your radio program. It has been invaluable.

I lived in New Orleans area but am now in Houston after evacuating. We don't know how long we'll be here but after talking to a neighbor my house may not have flooded.

One thing I have found out is DO NOT EVER TRUST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!! The local and state government have been far better. They just don't have the capacity to deal with the situation. FEMA should be hung out to dry.

Our Jefferson parish (county) president Aaron Broussard was on MEET the Press and said FEMA had:

  • Turned back truck loads of water from Walmart heading into New Orleans saying they didn't need it
  • Turned back 1000 gallon diessel trucks for the Coast Guard
  • Cut local communication lines in the Jefferson parish area without any warning. Our Sheriff Harry Lee then sent his troopers to fix the lines and put armed troopers to keep FEMA away.

This is insane. The government, etc want this disaster. I got out but couldn't bring my storable food because it couldn't all fit in my car. But tell the people to prepare.

I've talked with some of my family who think things are going to be normal in this country. Things are going to get worse.

Pray for New Orleans and its people; they aren't all bad or looters.

The Houston people have been fabulous. They have shown true Christian love.

Don't know where I'll wind up eventually, but God will help.

Again thank you so much for the work you have done preparing people.

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