Nothing Left on the Shelves

From Pam in FL

Two hurricanes made landfall within a few miles of my home leaving us with major damage and lots of chaos generally speaking. I can tell you first hand what it's like to have everything come to a screeching halt. Just getting around by car (if you had gas) was nearly impossible because of the grid lock.

But most surprising to me was not being without running water or electricity or dealing with the 90 degree heat and no AC while doing heavy yard work clearing debris, it was the basic lack of everything.

Even if you had plenty of money it couldn't put food and water on the grocery store shelves. They were simply bare - except for some odd beauty items and pet food. No meat, no produce, no water, no ice, no coolers (even if you found ice). Absolutely everything you commonly use was GONE in EVERY store.

A neighbor I took shopping came running over so excited because he found one remaining loaf of bread. It was literally the only loaf in the major chain grocery store. Shopping was like a treasure hunt and you ate what you found or not at all.

It doesn't take a hurricane to do something like this - money was only important to the extent you could find something worth buying. Most have no clue until you live it.

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