RV Emergency Preps for Family of 3

From SirFishAlot

For a family of three I choose a 28 ft. pace arrow RV for about $3.000.00 and customized the inside for our needs. I am able to boondock for extended periods of time with no need for outside hookups. The RV is stocked at all times with dried foods, Medical supplies, Communications gear, Hunting and fishing gear as well as bug out gear incase we have to ditch the RV.

I painted the motor home a subdued color that will work well with the camo nets if I don't want to attract attention while boondocking in wooded areas.

I am set up to generate power from wind, water or sunlight along with the generator if need be. I use three batteries for the inverter and two for the 12 volt system which work out very well for our needs.

The motor home has three forms of heating in the winter. The furnace, a small wood stove, and a spare water heater that is converted and plumbed to work like a home radiator. I use radiator fluid/water mix so it wont freeze when not in use. It works very well with the fan blowing just like a car heater that warms up fairly nice and uses less propane to operate than the propane furnace it came with.

I have three ways to purify water for drinking. For starters I have two holding tanks that hold 15 gallons each. I can run my 100 ft. flat hose that has a pre filtering canister on it out to a mountain stream that we have in plenty of here in PA along the mountain roads and then turn on the pump. The water goes into the first holding tank that I use for bath water and running the toilet. a connection from that tank is plumbed to go to my Big Burkey that is in turn plumbed to my second holding tank I use for drinking and cooking. It takes a while for the second tank to fill but its well worth the security it gives me. I can also boil my water and I keep a manual water filter used for backpacking on hand just incase.

For communications I have TV, Radio, Short wave radio, CB, and scanners to monitor current events. I am able to connect to the internet and see the weather map and such and can navigate with my GPS through my computer. When I am stopped some where I can use my satellite for entertainment and news. With all the customizing I made to motor home

I pretty much ran out of room for storage so I opted to purchase a small trailer to use. I had to tweak a few things such as the suspension, bearings and a bigger wheel size to accommodate my needs.

I had seen potential here so I went to work and put all my batteries in it and wired them to hook ups to the motor home.

I put the generator in it also to keep down the vibration I had when it was in the motor home.

I built shelving to hold spare parts and tools to keep organized.

Also inside are spare propane tanks, water containers, MREs, air tank, stick welder and other items used for support such as extra oil, radiator fluid, gaskets, bearings and such.

I keep 4 five gallon containers of treated gasoline at all times along with the duel gas tanks. On top of my trailer I mounted my solar panels in a way I can direct them to the sun to get the most charging.

For tools like jacks and winches I keep in a box mounted on the tongue.

I also have spare tires for both the RV and trailer. Two tires and one rim each to keep down the weight.

I kept everything simple so I can fix it if it breaks down. I have spare parts for everything from the engine down to flashlight bulbs. With a mind set of two is one a one is none there should be not much that's left to chance.

If there were some reason that we would have to abandon the RV we can just grab our bug out bags and make a run for it in our three seater buggy.

From inside the cab of the motor home I can control everything within and monitor the outside on all sides with my cameras. There are motion detectors on each side that light up on my dash when one goes off.

I bought a military surplus ground intrusion detector that I monitor if I am in a questionable area. All the communications equipment are controlled from the driver seat. Also, I can check for radiation levels from there too. If one of the family leaves the RV we can still be in touch at all times with two way radios.

The motor home can support up to three families with the extra tents which to me is a necessity in times of trouble when its good to have extra hands. Currently all of my family (parents, sisters, brothers-in-law) are capable of hooking up there travel trailers along with me in a sorta wagon train scenario.

You might think that I have spent a fortune on what I have but the reality is I have about 4 thousand wrapped up in my motor home all together. $3.000 for the motor home and another grand for the other stuff. Everything is either bought used or was at a great bargain. No need to buy new unless its intricate spare parts or items that are life saving.

My support trailer was $300.00 used but still in good enough shape to use.

Many parts I found I obtained for free by doing odd jobs, made trades or recycled from junk yards. Remember, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it.

For security I have a guard dog and certain weapons that can get the job done as a last resort.

For passive security I've got those monitoring devices as discussed earlier that are set out far enough to allow me time to make a decision and act on it. The most trusty of all is my dog. Nothing gets close without her knowing and she lets it be known too.

I hope this gives some good ideas for you and your family. You can these ideas and customize them for your own needs.

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