Situational Awareness/Sixth Sense

By Pointman

Situational awareness and using the sixth sense are sometimes mistaken as the same thing, and they are not. This essay will deal with the difference, the importance of knowing and using both, learning to distinguish between the both, and how both can,..possibly......."NO"..... will save you life many times in the coming tribulations.

What we will be facing during the tribulations is no different than war, except it will be on a mass scale, with no perimeters to distinguish what is civil and what is evil. I have stated this before, but I feel I must reiterate what I have said many times. The one that stays awake the longest, goes without eating the longest, walks the farthest, endures the cold the longest, and still keep his or her wits about them will be the victor/survivor. There are several factors that will ensure this, God's protection, situational awareness, training, using your sixth sense, and pure dumb luck. Of these you have the ability to utilize four, being right with God and having his divine protection, being aware of all that goes on around you, previous training, and that little nitch which could be the hairs on your head, or a gut feeling...........we can not rely on dumb luck, that will most likely  get you killed or worse captured.

I can tell you for a fact, that as you develop you situational awareness (SA), and refine it into a combat assets,......then your sixth sense will come into play, so it is very important to place these characteristics in a priority that will ensure development of both.

First develop your situational awareness, and then develop your sixth sense.

Situational awareness comes natural to some, but most have to develop this characteristic. In the military it is done initially in Basic training or bootcamp, the DI puts you under tremendous stress, with major expectation. This is usually accompanied with corporal punishment for you, your section or squad and can go all the way up to company level, if you do not function to their expectations. They will overload your senses, with many task and then expect you to accomplish this in the minimal amount of time. This will be done with somebody in your face, or allot of screaming and commotion.  At the time you tell yourself it can not be done, but it can and within a short time you realize all things are possible if you have the focus, fortitude and attitude it will get accomplished. 

If you develop these skills now, then when the disastrous times or the tribulations comes upon us we will be able to function under stress, and get the job done, while everybody else is freaking out or are in shock. This condition I just described to you can also be accomplished when you are in a life and death situation, so be ready for it. When your adrenalin is pumping the SA will kick in, but in the fashion of fear, not a practice characteristic. That is why it is important to practice SA, develop it and be able to distinguish the difference when an event happens. Once mastered, you will be aiding in an accident,instead of being a spectator or victim, the same will happen when your life is in danger.

I can not put in basic training, but I can show you how you can start training yourself and maybe your family and friends. You can start training yourself the art of situational awareness now, and you must to survive the coming terrors that lie in front of us. It is very simple but you will have to force yourself to play. It will be easy to drift out of this game, or find an excuse not too, but trust me, SA is going to save your bacon if not now, in the very near future. Start with your eyes first, once you got the hang of it, then use your eyes and your ears at the same time, then smell, touch get the idea.  You can start in your car, start using your mirrors more and try and remember what you see since the last time you looked which should be just seconds ago. Notice anything different, and then ask yourself why is it out of place if you notice. Is there another car pacing itself or following you, remember, remember,... and keep track. Is the traffic slower or faster since you made the turn or stopped at a light. Now that you are looking in the mirror more, now start looking left and right more.  

Then look farther to your front and rear, you will get the hang of it. And when you do this, do it without the radio or, MP3 or cell phone, you will have to because you are so easily distracted being an American. If you are lucky to have a like minded person in the rig with you have them practice with you, will be surprised what you missed and they see, or visaverse.

If you develop this SA, you will be surprised what you see, hear, smell now that you missed before you started developing the SA. once you get the hang of it, now do it out of the car, but pick a specific time like lunch hour, or breaks, but be consistent. Soon you will see how easy it is to make this a big part of your life. You will be able to match the LEO who use it daily in their job, you will be able to see what they see, hear what they hear, and in doing so, now you can react before you get to that road block that was in front of you.

This is the easiest way for me to teach you how to develop SA, other than putting you into bootcamp or having you come here for me to teach you in person. You have to be dedicated, in this exercise, and make it part of your life from here on in. It is not a bad thing to have in you daily performance, but a necessary one. Much like the mountain men who pioneered this land, they had to be up on all things that was in their immediate area. The military do it to save lives and win battles, surgeons do it to save life's, police do it to catch criminals, and you can do it do enhance your life. You will also notice how it helps you at work, or your sons and daughters in school. 

Once you develop SA, there is no reason for your wife or you to be caught by a mugger in a parking lot, or your children beat up in the school yard. As everything else the younger you teach your children the better they adapt to this and it becomes part of their life, and remember the children see in a zone much clearer than you so listen to them.


Much like the (SA) described above, your sixth sense (SS) can be identified and improved on, to a degree that it too can save your lives. I have several levels of SS and I not only rely on them, it has proven to be so effective, that even today I can sense danger or a compromising situation in the near area and be able to avoid it. I have friends who know this and use it, one gets major headaches immediately when it comes near an evil person or somebody who is not trustworthy, another his right butt cheek gets itchy when LEO are around, laugh but it is true.

What you have to do, is get away from the TV and start listening to your body and spirit when you are out in public, see if certain things happen with your body/spirit when placed in situations out in public. This will require one to remember beyond their nose and to then see if it happens every time something comes up. The more you use this the more you will learn to rely on it as well.

Just like at my home, if you pass the sniff test you make into the house. If my dawg's do not alert on you, then you will make the grade. Every time I have over ruled my dawgs judgment, I have been burned by that individual. I do not let people into my life if they do not pass my dawgs test, end of statement.

Once you develop the SA, then believe it or not your SS will start coming into play, one reason is now you are aware of the environment around you and your body/spirit. The more you use these gifts the more you will notice they will save your lives. I believe they are a gift from God and have to be learned and practiced, just like reading the bible and praying.......pointman

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