Situational Preparedness for Fall 2009: Viral

by Anonymous

The Novel A/H1N1 virus also known as the Swine Flu will affect you between now and Fall/Winter of 2009! This is 100% FACT!

Whether it's a virus with a high death rate, a deadly vaccine forcibly administered to the public, a reason to declare martial law and crack down on those who can see or any number of possibilities, it will affect your world as you know it.

If you can take yourself out of the trap for a moment, sit back and watch as the powers that be - bait mainstream media, independent media and the socially collective thought, you will see that they are ramping up to turn this fall into a disaster that they can manipulate into one of the worlds greatest grabs for power and what might possibly be the worlds greatest deception.

The powers that be use verbiage in the news that incites emotion in it's readers just like a good author can get his or her audience to cry for a fictional character in a book and just like a good author, the powers that be leave the world sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next word as if their very lives depend on it.

Take these recent headlines as an example of how they are ramping up their language to get the whole world worried/scared about the coming flu and ready to take their pharma vaccine.

Headline: Everyone will get vaccine against swine flu

Quote: “The NHS is preparing to vaccinate the entire population against swine flu after the disease claimed the life of its first healthy British patient.”

Quote: “The UK government has ordered enough vaccine to cover the entire population. GPs are being told to prepare for a nationwide vaccination campaign.”

Quote: “He said surgeries would be aiming to inoculate about 30 people an hour in a “military-style operation”.”

Quote: When the new vaccine for swine flu arrives in Britain, regulators said this weekend, it could be approved for use in just five days. (The path of a popular medicine from the laboratory to the chemist or doctor's surgery can involve years of clinical trials on a select group of patients.)


Headline: New flu “unstoppable”, WHO says, calls for vaccine

Quote: Saying the new H1N1 virus is "unstoppable", the World Health Organization gave drug makers a full go-ahead to manufacture vaccines against the pandemic influenza strain.

Quote: Every country will need to vaccinate citizens against the swine flu virus.

Quote: Several reports showed the new virus attacks people differently than seasonal flu -- affecting younger people, the severely obese and seemingly healthy adults, and causing disease deep in the lungs.

Headline: New flu resembles feared 1918 virus

Quote: The new H1N1 influenza virus bears a disturbing resemblance to the virus strain that caused the 1918 flu pandemic, with a greater ability to infect the lungs than common seasonal flu viruses, researchers reported on Monday.

Quote: In addition, they found that people who survived the 1918 pandemic seem to have extra immune protection against the virus, again confirming the work of other researchers.


Headline: Firms, School and Churches rush to cope with outbreak

Quote: "Guidance is being given to all store and personnel managers who are required to report all actual and suspected cases of the illness to our dedicated helpline, and these incidents are then evaluated case by case."

(Authors Note: Notice how the department of health in this country is asking workers to report/nark on each other for suspected and actual cases of the flu)


Headline: A sore throat… and 48 hours later Chloe was dead: Swine flu kills healthy girl aged six and a doctor


Headline: Study: 1918 flu survivors seem immune to swine flu

Quote: "I'm very concerned because clearly the (swine flu) virus is different from seasonal influenza," said study lead author Yoshishiro Kawaoka. "It's a lot more severe."

Quote: Tests in monkeys, mice and ferrets show that the swine flu thrives in greater numbers all over the respiratory system, including the lungs, and causes lesions, instead of staying in the nose and throat like seasonal flu.


Headline: Obama warns of swine flu return in the Fall

Quote: The Obama administration warned Americans on Thursday to be ready for an aggressive return of the swine flu virus in the fall,

Quote: “The potential for a significant outbreak in the fall is looming,” President Obama said.

Quote: With good planning, “we may end up averting a crisis,” Mr. Obama said. “That's our fervent hope.


As you can see there has been an extreme language shift from what we've heard since the beginning of this outbreak and that's that this was the normal flu, nobody worry, nobody do anything, life as normal, keep society and money coming into the US as normal, blah blah blah.

But wait! What's this? Haven't you wondered why every state in the US has been at their highest level of pandemic flu preparedness (which allows them to declare martial law at a moments notice, bypassing the normal needs and requirements being met) since the beginning and why countries are closing schools and businesses? Last time I checked, the world has never closed schools, shut down movie theaters and public gatherings because it was flu season nor have we implemented statewide preparedness issues.

And it's kind of funny how Mexico was erupting into a civil war with gang activity but then a flu appeared and closed everything down, the military issued martial law and forced all activity to stop. But wait there's more! The US happened to be having Tea Parties and localized collective uprisings to the atrocities that were/are happening within our borders and against our citizens until a week-long scare of a deadly flu shut everything down and focused (baited) our brains to look elsewhere.

Now don't get me wrong, I believe this flu is the real deal. I also believe through documented research that the earth goes through cycles where viruses become more virulent and I believe that we are in one of those cycles now but do not let yourself be baited into a trap that stops you from surviving.

You will see disruption in your daily life as this flu returns in our fall and winter seasons (In the Americas). Whether there be truth to the dangers as they are represented to us or whether the powers that be use the bait to bring about even more devious things, I do not know.

But you must be prepared for these disruptions.

What should you do? You should follow through with your preparedness planning and prepare to stop at a moments notice, close up shop, stay at home and wait until you can get your eyes and ears on some fact about what's going on.

What should you not do? You should not let linguistic professionals (TPTB Psychologists and behavioral experts) bait you into acting one way or another if it goes against the grain of what you know to be best for you and your group.

The safety of humanity has always revolved around the “What if”. You wear your seatbelt because “What if” you got into a deadly accident, store food because what if the supply was interrupted…

This working theory is simple yet effective but has been engineered out of today's western society. You don't buy adhesive bandages because you plan on getting a scrape but in the same note, society has taught people that it's extreme to buy an extra 2 weeks of food. Don't let this negative stereotype keep you from surviving and do not let the safety and survival of your group be compromised because the preparedness safety belt is considered taboo.

You need to be prepared to blanket yourself from the world when disruption hits you between now and winter and close up shop until you know that you are safe to run the risks.

How do you do this?

  • Store enough food/water, medicine and materials for 1 to 3 months of complete isolation with 1 month being the worst and 3 months being the best.
  • Find areas of least-baited news to gather information from (Internet, Ham and Shortwave radio are the only ways to get your news but beware that these get baited as well).
  • If it is safe to: Do local reconnaissance to note how “over run” the hospitals or shops really are without going inside to risk infection or capture.
  • Be prepared to quarantine yourself or others in your family to keep the rest of your group safe (read my previous article on Quarantine for ways to do this).
  • Have your doctor write you a sick note and do not use it until you need it.
  • Have your doctor prescribe enough anti-virals against the current flu and get those scripts filled.
  • Prepare a list of actions/triggers that will cause you to react by isolating yourself.
  • Do not tell anyone who doesn't have the same mindset as you, beyond a shadow of doubt, what your thoughts are on the situation or how you plan to react. Many people will turn on you when they have been brainwashed into thinking “it's for your own good” (More on this in another article).
  • Prepare ways to keep the other members of your group (possibly women and children) busy and not feeling cabin fever.

These are just a few of the things that you need to add to your preparedness schedule. But the bottom line is that you need to be ready for when (not if) this affects you this fall and not to risk your own life or the lives of your family by arrogantly or ignorantly believing the bait that media and the powers that be give to you.

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