March 2011

Week of March 28, 2011

National Radiation Map

Farrakhan: 'America Will Be Bathed in Blood:
Whether you love him or hate him, agree or disagree, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has some interesting views worthy of your time. Some you may agree with, some you may dismiss outright, and some you may find offensive. Whatever the case, Farrakhan’s comments should not be taken lightly, as it is becoming more clear (regardless of the racial spin Minister Farrakhan inserts into the discussion) that opinions about our government’s actions, both domestically and abroad, are aligning across the religious, racial and socio-economic spectrum. more

EPA: Radioactive Iodine-131 Levels in PA & MA Rainwater “Exceed Maximum Contaminant Level Permitted In Drinking Water”
… The levels [of iodine-131 in rainwater in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts] exceed the maximum contaminant level (MCL) permitted in drinking water, but EPA continues to assure the public there is no need for alarm: “It is important to note that the corresponding MCL for iodine-131 was calculated based on long-term chronic exposures over the course of a lifetime – 70 years. The levels seen in rainwater are expected to be relatively short in duration,” the [EPA] states in a FAQ that accompanied yesterday’s brief news release. more

Gold, Silver Now Legal Tender in Utah:
With Gov. Gary Herbert’s signature on March 25, the state of Utah became the first in recent times to officially accept gold and silver coins as legal tender at their true value, prompting praise from sound-money advocates warning about the future of the Federal Reserve System and its fiat money. The "Utah Legal Tender Act," as the new law is known, “recognizes gold and silver coins that are issued by the federal government as legal tender in the state and exempts the exchange of the coins from certain types of state tax liability,” according to the bill. more

Greece-Orthodox Fundamentalists Protest-Mark Of The Beast Cards:

Several thousand Orthodox Christian fundamentalists have marched through central Athens to protest a government plan to issue new electronic ID cards they say would include the number 666, or the "number of the beast," hidden in a design. The protesters claim the state aims for tighter control over its citizens and many believe that the design of the cards includes the number described in the Book of Revelation. The cards will include biometric information. more

* Steve Note: Unfortunately we do NOT have any Potassium Iodide tablets for sale.

Double Dip Recession 2011:
We Are Way Over the Edge Right Now: Last Friday, I wrote a piece called “Could America be Pushed over the Economic Edge?” It was about how Libya, Japan or even covert economic warfare (from America’s enemies) could push the U.S. into another financial meltdown. I received a one sentence email from my friend Jim Sinclair that said, “We are way over the edge right now.” His message gave me a sinking feeling. Mr. Sinclair is a world renowned gold expert, but in order to trade that market, you must be extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of economics and politics. more

The Silver Perspective

Move to the Mountain States
The American Redoubt: Recognizing both the fact that "all politics are local", and the international readership of SurvivalBlog, I naturally de-emphasize politics in my blog. However, a recent article got my blood boiling: Motorists illegally detained at Florida tolls - for using large bills! So, not only are Federal Reserve Notes not redeemable "on demand" for specie, but effectively they are now no longer " tender for all debts public and private." more

US Radiation Monitoring System Was Not Working:
The key radiation warning system in the US was out of action prior to the weekend. AP has reported that four of the 11 stationary monitors in California, near the San Andreas Faault, were offline for repairs or maintenance last week. With possible exposure to fallout from a nuclear crisis in Japan, legislators have called for more tests on the system to determine whether it can adequately safeguard the country against disasters, such as the one that has befallen the Japanese. more

Reactor Core May Be Breached at Damaged Fukushima Plant: Japan’s nuclear regulator said one reactor core at the quake-damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant may be cracked and leaking radiation. “It’s very possible that there has been some kind of leak at the No. 3 reactor,” Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman at the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, said in Tokyo today. While radioactive water at the unit most likely escaped from the reactor core, it also could have originated from spent fuel pools stored atop the reactor, he said. more

Xenon-133 Northern Hemisphere
Radiation: more

Latest Japanese Supply Chain Disruption Summary:
By now the only homo sapiens in the world who don't realize that the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster will have profound implications on supply chains, inventory levels, profit margins, corporate bottom lines and broad economic output are Wall Street sell side analysts, who remain convinced that the Lemming view is the right one, at least until management teams start coming out, most likely in the upcoming week, and issuing profit warnings, conveniently blaming their declining profitability on Japan, the weather and other "one time items." more

Week of March 21, 2011

The Reality Detached American – video

When Silver Investors Finally Wise Up – It's over for the Paper Metals Market Manipulators: The great disconnect in the minds of paper silver investors is soon to come to a screeching halt when the spot market begins to trade independent of the manipulated paper futures market. Today being the 25th of March, it should come as no surprise that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has hiked silver margin and maintenance costs again to try and stop the surge in silver speculation. Tyler Durden writing for Zero Hedge yesterday posted, "In tried and true fashion just as silver was about to viciously destabilize the global capital markets as it surged to new 31 year highs the CME stepped in and did its usual 3-6 half life intervention by hiking initial and maintenance margins on silver futures from $11,138 and $8,250 to $11,745 and $8,700 respectively. more

Global Food Scare Widens From Japan Nuclear Plant: Countries across the world shunned Japanese food imports Thursday as radioactive steam leaked from a disaster-struck nuclear plant, straining nerves in Tokyo. The grim toll of dead and missing from Japan's monster quake and tsunami on March 11 topped 26,000, as hundreds of thousands remained huddled in evacuation shelters and fears grew in the megacity of Tokyo over water safety. more

Nuclear Physicists “Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Truth: Locally Chernobyl” For decades we have been told that with the lessons learned from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, nuclear energy is safe. As the still unfolding mayhem at the Dai-Ichi plant in Fukushima, Japan, proves, nothing could be further from the truth. The fuel rods in at least three reactors are partly molten. All six reactors are in trouble, although most were not on-line during the earthquake! In spite of all downplaying by officials, the nuclear industry, and science apologists, a complete meltdown of some reactors and a nuclear chain reaction of molten fuel are still possible. more

Ahmadinejad Says "The Final Move Has Begun" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is telling the people of Iran that the Twelfth Imam is managing the the revolution now underway in Egypt and in various parts of the Islamic world, and that “the final move has begun” to destroy America, Israel and the influence of the Western powers in the epicenter. “We will soon see a new Middle East materialising without America and the Zionist regime and there will be no room for world arrogance (the West) in it,” Ahmadinejad told a crowd chanting “Death to America, death to Israel and death to Mubarak” last Friday. more

The Two Coming American Revolutions: There are two kinds of Revolutions on the horizon for America. The first, is a get back-to-basics Constitutional Revolution. This kind of patriotic revolution is a non-violent, non-compliant movement that is centered on education and leaderless resistance. The Constitutional Revolution seeks to level the playing field by eliminating the core of our problems our debt based, fractional reserve, fiat money system and mercantilism and replace it with honest money and Free Market capitalism. It also seeks to have a level field of justice, campaign finance and decentralize political power away from the Elite. more

Extreme Weather And Earthquake Danger Imminent Around March 23-27 Warns Piers Corbyn: Piers Corbyn says "The recent extreme Earthquake events in the world were preceded by extreme events on the sun - specifically X level solar flares and related proton bursts. It appears to us that it is always the case that extreme weather and earthquake events are preceded by extreme events on the sun and historically proton events which are usually associated with X flares are an especially reliable warning of extreme weather, storm formation and earthquake events. more

Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold: The entire world struggles to determine the fallout effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, along with the ensuing problems. The effects are so pervasive, so profound, so critical, that it is no wonder the news networks focus on two things only. They have switched emphasis to the Libyan civil war, a pitched battle to retain a tyrant and his larcenous rule. But the news stories out of Japan focus 98% on their Fukushima nuclear complex, with hardly a peep about the long list of other economic and financial effects. more

Radioactive Iodine In Fukushima Seawater Highest Ever, Reactors 5 And 6 Now Leaking Too: And while futures rise as the market anticipates the latest central bank intervention to paper over the global financial insolvency, the radioactive fallout from Fukushima continues to worsen as Iodine 131 levels in the seawater hits the highest since the start of the crisis. "According to Tokyo Electric Power Co., radioactive iodine-131 146.9 times higher than the legal concentration limit was detected Wednesday morning in a seawater sample taken around 330 meters south of the plant, near the drain outlets of its troubled four reactors. more

Doomsday Bunker Sales Surge In Wake Of Japan Earthquake: A devastating earthquake strikes Japan. A massive tsunami kills thousands. Fears of a nuclear meltdown run rampant. Bloodshed and violence escalate in Libya. And U.S. companies selling doomsday bunkers are seeing sales skyrocket anywhere from 20% to 1,000%. Northwest Shelter Systems, which offers shelters ranging in price from $200,000 to $20 million, has seen sales surge 70% since the uprisings in the Middle East, with the Japanese earthquake only spurring further interest. In hard numbers, that's 12 shelters already booked when the company normally sells four shelters per year. more

$36 Silver- The Banksters Waterloo? March is setting up to be a very interesting month for silver. There is a tight and violent action between $36 and $34 silver. This is a battle between the Aware and the Banksters. Sooner or later someone is going to scream uncle, and the Silver Door will be shut for good. On the floor of $34 silver is the Aware that get the paper manipulation of silver. They include you and me, who no longer trust the dollar, stock market, bond market, ETFs, money market, 401k, IRA, pension, Social Security, FDIC, and any other piece of paper with counter party risk. Hell, even PIMCO does not seem to trust the US T bill anymore. more

Caught On Tape: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America: A former official of one of the country's most-powerful unions, SEIU, has a secret plan to "destabilize" the country. The plan is designed to destroy JP Morgan, nuke the stock market, and weaken Wall Street's grip on power, thus creating the conditions necessary for a redistribution of wealth and a change in government. more

Hirose Takashi: What They're Covering Up at Fukushima: Hirose Takashi has written a whole shelf full of books, mostly on the nuclear power industry and the military-industrial complex. Probably his best known book is Nuclear Power Plants for Tokyo in which he took the logic of the nuke promoters to its logical conclusion: if you are so sure that they're safe, why not build them in the center of the city, instead of hundreds of miles away where you lose half the electricity in the wires? more

Could a Link Exist Between Super Moons and Erupting Volcanoes? On Saturday March 19, 2011, astronomer Stephen James O'Meara watched the rare Super Moon closely. Scientifically termed a lunar perigee-syzygy; a new or full Moon (syzygy) that coincides with the Moon at its closest approach to Earth (perigee) in 18 years. O'Meara, didn't set out in life to find a connection between the Moon and volcanic eruptions, but destiny set him on a path to do just that. more

Nuclear Engineers Plan For Doomsday Scenario: Colonel Gaddafi suffered a massive personal setback today when one of his sons was allegedly killed in a suicide air mission on his barracks. Khamis, 27, who runs the feared Khamis Brigade that has been prominent in its role of attacking rebel-held areas, is said to have died on Saturday night. A Libyan air force pilot crashed his jet into the Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli in a kamikaze attack, Algerian TV reported following an unsubstantiated claim by an anti-Gaddafi media organisation. more

Rumbling Noise Being Heard Around The World: These reports are coming up everywhere: San Diego, LA, West VA, Florida, New York/New Jersey, Canada, UK, the latest video with the sound is from the Ohio River more

Analysis Of Current Us Situation Regarding The North American Union And The Chinese: Several days ago, I came across rumors, news, information and video regarding the claim of Chinese bases in Mexico and Canada.  I was intrigued, and investigated, and then sent you and the writers of my data, information and thoughts regarding what I had also found approximately 60 miles to 70 miles south, southwest of Laredo, Texas. more

Franklin Graham: World’s Christians in Grave Danger: The Muslim Brotherhood, with the complicity of the Obama administration, has infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels and is influencing American policy that leaves the world’s Christians in grave danger, warns internationally known evangelist Franklin Graham. “The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active here in our country,” Graham tells Newsmax. “We have these people advising our military and State Department. We’ve brought in Muslims to tell us how to make policy toward Muslim countries. more

Father Wingates Prophecy of Chinese Invasion? The U.S. will be invaded and occupied for a period of six to seven months. It will not exceed 7 months. At the end of this 6 - 7 month time period is when the Great Warning comes. (The Warning is used by God, to stop a Third World War.) Over a third of the United States will be occupied by a foreign force (and as much as a third of the population may be dead). The foreign force will actually be NATO and the United Nations. The U.N. will invade the United States as peacekeepers! The United Nations will be a united communist force, stating that they have come into the U.S. to liberate the Americans from an occupying force. This is their plan. more

Chinese In Mexico Followup--From The Truck Driver Himself: I drive trucks. Approximately 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas there is a facility that has Chinese Armored Vehicles and MANY containers. I delivered some kind of groceries to them. The Mexican escort vehicles (who I phoned as per the Bill of Lading) met me at Customs and lead me there. One of the officers was in my passenger seat as we proceeded to the delivery point, off of Highway 85. He asked me to unplug my Garmin, unplug my CB coax, and take the battery out of my cell phone. Escorts in front and rear. Black Ford pickups with some kinda emblem on the door. Lights on the roll bar. more

National Radiation Map

Japan Earthquake: Fukushima Nuclear Alert Level Raised: Japan has raised the alert level at its quake-damaged nuclear plant from four to five on a seven-point international scale of atomic incidents. The crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi site, previously rated as a local problem, is now regarded as having "wider consequences". The UN says the battle to stabilise the plant is a race against time. The crisis was prompted by last week's huge quake and tsunami, which has left at least 17,000 people dead or missing. more

Reds, Rads, And Iranians? On March 14 th Steve Quayle detailed an eyewitness report from a trucker who saw Red Chinese troops and 10,000 armored vehicles after delivering a trailer load of food to a hidden base approximately 60 miles south of Laredo , Texas inside Mexico. (See link for full report) In order to obtain additional confirmation and any new information on these Red Chinese troops in a hidden base in Mexico "Cross Border Eyes" were enlisted to go take a look see and based upon rough information from the trucker and cross border expertise , it was determined that the most likely area for these Red Chinese troops, their armored vehicles, and shipping container housing units to be hidden was in the triangle between Sabinas Hidalgo, Lampazos de Naranjos, and Arroyo Blanco. more

All Mizuho ATMs In Japan Have Stopped Working: Mizuho, the second-largest financial services company in Japan, has just locked out its customers from accessing their cash. Whether or not this is related to Zero Hedge reports from yesterday that the same bank is unable to complete ¥570 billion in transactions in unclear. What is clear is that we can only hope that those who need cash are calm and collected enough not to start a physical run on whatever bank deposit branches are open. From Reuters: "Mizuho Bank said on Thursday that all of its automatic teller machines (ATM) throughout Japan have stopped working. more

Currency Meltdown Coming: he situation in Japan is getting worse, not better. There are shortages in food, fuel and warm dry shelter. To make matters exponentially worse, nuclear power plants there continue to burn out of control and emit high levels of radiation. Japan is a stark reminder of how fast a modern technologically advanced society can be brought to its knees by an unforeseen calamity. more

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Confirming Brother Bob: Steve I honestly say to you, as honestly and truly, and as much in GOD’s name as it can be said...I myself had a dream that was so frighteningly similar (the martial law section of the dream, at least) I thought I was reading about my own dream (save for the parts involving him specifically being tortured for being a man of GOD).  My dream also began with me floating out over the Pacific and seeing things unfold from an almost 3rd person perspective.  I saw the attack on the US begin by Chinese troops, who were being supported by what appeared to be North Korean troop units.  Further, I saw strategic nuke strikes on Seattle, LA, and fair number of other Western and Mid-Western US cities (I also think that D.C. and other Eastern US cities suffered strategic nuke assault as well).  more

Medicine and Nutritition for Survival March 2011: Authored and/or edited by: David Vaughan, CN; Christopher Hussar, DO, DDS; Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. © Vaughan, Hussar, Klinghardt, Steve Quayle. Permission to repost provided a link to is provided. more

An Anonymous Attack on the "Global Banking Cartel": On one front after another, the Federal Reserve is coming under siege. On Saturday, to begin, the hacker group calling itself “Anonymous” issued a video manifesto calling for “a relentless campaign of nonviolent, peaceful civil disobedience.” “We aim to break up the global banking cartel centered at the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements [sic] and World Bank,” Anonymous says. more

Did Russia Cause the Recent 8.9 Earthquake in Japan? We can whine about high gas prices and economic downturns. We can surely complain about the fits and starts of the Obama administration on Libya. And we inevitably grumble about what a wretched winter this has been. And then… And then along comes a natural disaster to put all our whining and grumbling into perspective, to humble us and remind us that for all our technology we are not always in control of our fate. Japan, after all, has done as much as any nation can - knowing it sits within the deadly earthquake prone Ring of Fire - to assure that buildings are constructed to be as earthquake proof as technology permits. It has spent decades trying to get it right only to have Mother Nature up the ante - again. Hundreds are known dead, hundreds more missing, and countless people injured. more

Week of March 21, 2011

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Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico: A very worried trucker, spent time in relating to me his account of delivering a tractor trailer load of food to a Chinese military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. When I questioned him this is what he stated. The camp is 2 miles wide by 3 miles long. There are 10,000 armored vehicles. It blew my mind! I asked him how he calculated the number of armored vehicles and he said he had time to physically count the rows of armored vehicles as the Chinese soldiers unloaded his trailer. more

Fuel Rod Fire At Fukushima Reactor “Would Be Like Chernobyl On Steroids” The Fukushima reactor building that exploded March 12 is one of a series of identical General Electric reactors constructed in Japan and the US. In this reactor design, the used nuclear fuel rods are stored in pools of water at the top of the reactor building. These “spent” rods are still highly radioactive: the radioactivity is so great the rods must be stored in water so they do not combust. more

US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets: The dollar plunged instantly against the euro, yen, and sterling as the comments flashed across trading screens. David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC, said the apparent policy shift amounts to an earthquake in geo-finance. "The mere fact that the US Treasury Secretary is even entertaining thoughts that the dollar may cease being the anchor of the global monetary system has caused consternation," he said. more

Quake for the West Coast? The Lord called our team to go on an unscheduled prayer assignment to the Gulf side of Florida, where for three nights we interceded for the region from Treasure Island. On our last night on the island, I received a vision of a large angel standing over the Pacific with a wheel in his hand. I was told that the center of the wheel represented Indonesia. Hubs from the wheel stretched out to Alaska, California, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the South Pacific and every strategic point circling the Pacific Ring of Fire. more

Drastic Weather Change and Earthquakes (The Vision by David Wilkerson-published in 1974) Earthquakes coming to United States: The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history. It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquake ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage. more

Monster Aftershock Could Strike Within Days: Northeastern Japan can expect another monster earthquake large enough to trigger a tsunami within days, the head of the Australian Seismological Centre says. The director, Kevin McCue, said there had been more than 100 smaller quakes since Friday, but a larger aftershock was likely. ''Normally they happen within days,'' he said. ''The rule of thumb is that you would expect the main aftershock to be one magnitude smaller than the main shock, so you would be expecting a 7.9. more

Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis: A former nuclear power plant designer has said Japan is facing an extremely grave crisis and called on the government to release more information, which he said was being suppressed. Masashi Goto told a news conference in Tokyo that one of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant was “highly unstable”, and that if there was a meltdown the “consequences would be tremendous”. He said such an event might be very likely indeed. So far, the government has said a meltdown would not lead to a sizeable leak of radioactive materials. more

Global Economic Crash: This took place last Thursday night – Friday morning. Now what are dates on that, Al? [That would be late on the 8th or early Friday morning on the 9th.] That’s correct. Because I was away. I was not even here (home). I was away to participate in a wedding. We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening, Friday we had off so the couple could take care of whatever prior to the wedding on Saturday. I think what precipitated this (revelation) was the fluctuating global stock markets. more

Week of March 7, 2011

Your Papers Please – and Your Cash: On Monday, Kevin Brekke’s article made me think about the new fundamentals in the real estate industry. Now investors must consider things such as economic growth in a particular area. This has always been in the college textbook, but apparently, those chapters were all but forgotten during the mania. When every market is going up, why worry about the fundamentals? more

Canadian Coins Bugged, U.S. Security Agency Says: They say money talks, and a new report suggests Canadian currency is indeed chatting, at least electronically, on behalf of shadowy spies. Canadian coins containing tiny transmitters have mysteriously turned up in the pockets of at least three American contractors who visited Canada, says a branch of the U.S. Department of Defence. more

Stephanie Quayle Sings "I Remember": Stephanie's song for fallen Marine. Marine's father wrote the poem – Stephanie wrote the music and sings it, listen

No Silver? No Problem: US Mint Would Like To Know If You Will Accept Brass, Steel, Iron Or Tungsten Coins Instead: The United States Mint today announced that it is requesting public comment from all interested persons on factors to be considered in conducting research for alternative metallic coinage materials for the production of all circulating coins. These factors include, but are not limited to, the effect of new metallic coinage materials on the current suppliers of coinage materials; the acceptability of new metallic coinage materials, including physical, chemical, metallurgical and technical characteristics; metallic material, fabrication, minting, and distribution costs; metallic material availability and sources of raw metals; coinability; durability; sorting, handling, packaging and vending machines; appearance; risks to the environment and public safety; resistance to counterfeiting; commercial and public acceptance; and any other factors considered to be appropriate and in the public interest. more

USDA to Drop a Genetic Bomb: By allowing the unrestricted release of genetically modified, Roundup Ready alfalfa, the U.S. Department of Agriculture under Secretary Tom Vilsack is allowing Monsanto to drop a genetic atomic bomb on organic agriculture, family farmers and consumers. Pollinated by bees, RR alfalfa will spread to fields of both conventional and organic farmers. This will be especially devastating to organic dairy farming. more

America's Peril: Islamic Extremists' War Strategy Gaining Ground: After Japan’s devastating surprise attack against the US at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, concerns arose over the ability of a seriously wounded American Navy to defend our country against a future attack, let alone challenge Tokyo’s control of the Pacific. Over the following three and a half years, those concerns proved unwarranted as we became very effective at taking the fight to the Japanese, who—in launching their military strategy—never again achieved the tactical surprise they did at Pearl Harbor. While the resolve and courage of our fighting forces was a factor, so too was the fact we had—unbeknownst to the Japanese—broken their naval code. more

Many 'Dormant' Volcanoes Could Erupt At Any Time: There may be no such thing as a dormant volcano, according to scientists, who say that many could in fact be reawakened in a period of months. It has long been thought that once a volcano's magma chamber has cooled down, it stays dormant for centuries before it can be remobilized by fresh magma. But Alain Burgisser of the Orleans Institute of Earth Sciences, together with a US researcher, has tested a theoretical model on two major eruptions and found that this process can take place in just a few months. more

Indonesia Volcanoes Under Tight Monitoring: Three Indonesian active volcanoes Tambora, Pusuk Buhit and Krakatau are under close monitoring by Center of Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation. Surono, the Center's chief, said, "The volcanoes have been under regular examination. Currently, it will be more intense." In addition to Tambora, Mt Krakatau in West Java is also recorded of having been produced deadly eruptions. more

US Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl: There is not much to be happy about these days in Happy, Texas. Main Street is shuttered but for the Happy National Bank, slowly but inexorably disappearing into a High Plains wind that turns all to dust. The old Picture House, the cinema, has closed. Tumbleweed rolls into the still corners behind the grain elevators, soaring prairie cathedrals that spoke of prosperity before they were abandoned for lack of business. more

Iranian Official Admits Aiding Hezbollah, Says All Middle East Oil Will Be Cut Off To the West: On Wednesday, March 2nd, Commander of the Basij organization, Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi spoke at a conference of specialist working groups of Basiji corps of engineers. “Seventy percent of the world’s fossil fuel reserve is under the feet of the soldiers of the Supreme Leadership and soon oil and gas fields belonging to Muslims, which is now in the hands of America will fall into the hands of the people; that will be the time when all those overlords will have sanctions put on them.” He added: “The enemy is heavily dependent on this energy and the events in the region has them quite agitated, this of course provides us with a hopeful future.” more


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Physical Silver is Really $50 per Ounce (80% Premium on COMEX Silver Non-Delivery): Wynter_Benton update on their recent raid With permission, I can update the results of our raid. It was successful beyond imagination but that "success" has spawned even more questions about the price of paper silver going forward. It was reported by SGS that he heard that on Friday Blythe was offering 30-50 percent premium and that at least 4500 hundred contracts will stand for delivery. I am here to give you a more accurate update (and a first hand account of what happened on Friday Feb 25). Our group was detemined to stand for delivery going into Monday because we were not going to take a 30 percent premium on a price of $33.50. It was reported that Blythe offered 50 percent premium. more

Prophecy of the End Times Written In The Dimensions of the Earth-Author Dave Flynn: Tht Apocalypse of John is written in the same style and language with the Prophecies of Daniel, and hath the same relation to them which they have to one another, so that all of them together make but one complete Prophecy; and in like manner it consists of two parts, an introductory Prophecy, and an Interpretation thereof. more

Moonageddon: on March 19, the Moon Will Reach Lunar Perigee: It's not a bad moon rising, but it is a big one. The question of whether trouble's on the way, however, is entirely up to what or who you believe. In a fortnight Earth will experience the biggest moon it has seen in nearly two decades. As well as providing some unique photo opportunities, some astronomers - well, one - are already predicting it may bring more worrying disruptions to the Earth’s climate patterns. more

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