Canadian sees cruise missile attack on New Jersey coming from the North

My husband has been an avid listener to your programs and visitor to your
site for many years, but myself not so much. We are both born again and
love Jesus very much.

It is because of a dream I had last night that I write to you today for the
first time. I told the dream to my husband and he suggested that this might
be something that I should communicate to you.

First off, I should mention that we live in London, Ontario, Canada. In
the dream I was sitting on the couch facing our patio window which faces
directly south towards Lake Erie. It was about 4:00 o'clock in the
afternoon and the sky was blue and clear. My husband was sitting on the
other couch so he could not see outside very well. I was looking out the
window when all of a sudden I saw a missile passing by our window. We live
on the 12th floor (the top) of our highrise, so I had a very clear view. I
said to my husband when I saw it "did you see that" and we both quickly got
up together and went to the window just in time to see it going over the
horizon. Although looking for an explosion, I did not see one in my dream
as I woke up just at that time. In my dream I was shocked by what I saw.
The missile was flying extraordinarily low. It was silver in color with an
orange/red colored nose with white exhaust coming from the rear of it. We
see many airplanes fly over our apartment and never have they been this
low. When they do fly low, I usually hear them and have to step out onto
our balcony to see them. But this missile I did not hear coming at all.
The first indication was me seeing it right in front of my eyes from where
I was sitting on my couch. It was extremely close to our building.

I took a look at a map and given the direction and angle that it was
travelling in my dream, it looked to be going towards the east coast of the
United States and more precisely towards the direction of the New Jersey
and New York area. Also, I tracked the same angle in reverse, it looked
like it came from the Beaufort Sea area or just above the Bering Strait.

I have dreams like we all do, but never have I had a dream like this one

I hope this dream isn't telling me that I will witness this while I am
living in this apartment. My husband and I are looking intently to buy a
house in the country this summer to get out of the City before anything of
this magnitude commences.

One of the first things that came to my husband's mind when I told him of
my dream, was the vision of A.A. Allen.

God Bless and take care.


Mar 4, 2013

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