Sceptic asks God for clarity on Alien Invasion - God answers

After first visiting your sight several weeks ago I spent a lot of time
reading and listening to radio broadcasts from your sight, and You Tube. I
was very skeptical about the Alien invasion thing at first, it was very
different form the Prophecy that I understood. I prayed that God would give
me a dream if there was anything to this.

Last night I actually did dream about alien space ships, so huge and so
many of them, that they covered the whole sky, it made the day look light
night. I got my video camera out to record what I was seeing. There were
ones that were carriers, others that were fighters and so on. I knew that I
should have run and not stayed out in the open for so long, but I was so
bewildered, I could not move and in such a state of shock from what I was
seeing. Somehow at this time they (I did not see them) locked a collar
around my neck, then it injected me with a needle through the back of my
neck into my spine from the collar. This was for some kind of control over
me, to make me a slave of them. I do believe it was God helping me, so the
injection had no effect (Mark 16:18) I was able to get the collar off, and
ran as fast, and as far away as I could get. As time went on in the dream,
more and more people came under their control, so much so that running and
hiding became almost impossible, because everyone that I came in contact
with would turn you in for not being apart of this great deception, that
took over the entire Earth

Mar 4, 2013

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