Brother, I have been on your site daily for the last few months; ever since
I found your site. I have ministered in a local state prison for quite some
years now and sometime early last year in one of my sermons I told the
assembled body to ask God to speak to them in their dreams if they wanted
to know if God was real and sovereign and it was to God's glory as one of
the major Hispanic gang leaders in the state came to salvation in Jesus
because he asked and God spoke to him. Many other brothers in the prison
are doing the same and the word has been spreading as many have heard from
the Lord in their dreams. Here follows a dream from one of the church

At 2:30 Saturday, 2/16/13, I was awakened from a dream. I was at work in
Mop & Broom or a shop of same kind. We were getting ready to leave when it
began to rain hard, thundering & lightning. It was dark & eerie outside.
Deep inside I knew something wasn't right and something terrible was about
to happen. We watched out the window, actually it was like there was no
wall there where I could see clearly everything taking place. Lightning
started striking everywhere and it got more intense with every strike to
where lightning was striking every 1-2 seconds. It was like nothing I've
ever seen before. Then one huge lightning bolt connected to the ground and
stayed there sounding like electricity shorting out while all the hundreds
of other lightning bolts boomed with strikes every 1/2 second. The big bolt
got more & more intense as all the other lightning bolts seemed to be drawn
in and become a part of the big lightning bolt. As each one did it got more
& more intense changing from the greenish color to blue, red, orange, until
it was bright white. All the lightning as one massive bolt continually
stuck to the earth seeming to be concentrating on one spot. I was thinking,
God's judgment was upon someone. Then this green bluish fire rolled &
consumed the sky. Someone with me said "Man it's like the earth is
melting." and I knew judgment day had come. I cried out, "Oh Jesus, please
forgive me of all my sins, protect my family, forgive them. Oh Jesus, Oh
Jesus." As I finished saying that I was sucked backward and up out of the
building right through the door. I woke up crying, tears running down my
face my body trembling, disturbed at what I just saw. I knew it was from
the Lord and was suppose to write it down. As I did the Lord spoke to me
saying "I will keep you through this storm but I am coming soon. Tell my
people to be ready. Judgment is coming."

Mar 13, 2013

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