My dream:

I was among people in my neighborhood that witnessed a collision of two
heavenly bodies in the night sky. I was at the neighborhood implement shop
and right after the collision I opened the small refrigerator to see what
of its contents I could buy, because I knew things were not going to be the
same after this event.

Then, the scene changed to Red Communist Chinese troops in my neighborhood,
however, it was not my real neighborhood where I live today, but it looked
like a typical small town with a town square-park in downtown by the
courthouse and small town shops and businesses surrounding the small park.

These troops were dressed in light brown uniforms (maybe khaki) with black
boots and black duty belts, and they were armed with semi-automatic rifles.
They were on the streets as were military-type vehicles.

People were hiding, and I saw one elderly widow who needed protection, so I
took her with me, and we hid in a second floor building that had a door
leading to an outside stairwell.

I made the mistake of peeking through one of the window blind shutters, and
my eye met with one of the Chinese guards, who was taller than the rest,
yet in plainclothes, who was patrolling the back alley in a regular-type
American truck that an American farmer would have.

I was hoping he did not see me, but he saw me. And within a few minutes, he
and some other Chinese people in civilian clothes climbed up the steps and
opened the door, and took the widow and I captive to be imprisoned

Then, the scene changed. A great white space-type craft made a landing on
Main Street, and there were Chinese military men navigating the craft; for
they were plainly seen through the large windshield.

And soon thereafter chunks from the heavenly collision landed on the
streets of that town.

I never woke up from a dream that scared me that instilled in me the need
to prepare, nor have I ever had a dream that I felt was somewhat prophetic
like this dream I had last week.

It could be that when Martial Law is declared or when foreign troops are
used to invade us to bring us into the one-world order of the Anti-christ,
that I have been given not only a pre-warning, but instruction NOT to look
through my blinds during the daytime, when my town is invaded, because any
one outside looking at my house could easily see a blind shutter move.

Sincerely, N.

Mar 17, 2013

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