I had a terrifying dream several nights ago. At first, upon waking, I rebuked the enemy as I assumed the nightmare was surely from the devil. Then as I lay there in the dark, and prayed, I soon realized that, no, this was a dream from the Lord. With a warning.
Here is the dream:
My husband and I were inside our home in a small front living room. At the front door, just a few feet from us I could plainly see a tall skinny dirty disheveled young guy trying to break into our house with the clear intent to do us personal harm. I saw the whole operation easily as he was in plain view through the long slender glass that flanked the front entry. Although he kept trying with all his bodily force to push through the front door into our home, thankfully he never made it inside to get at us.
HOWEVER, in the very next scene in the same dream, my husband and I were in the bedroom, sitting side by side on the edge of the bed, when along comes this woman into the bedroom. She comes right up to me, squats down in front of me, and puts her face right up into mine, and with the coldest dead eyes you ever did see, announces to me: “You’re going to be hanged now.”
The only way I know how to describe the terror this struck in me is that it felt like Nazi Germany where mass executions were being done all the time and people were being taken away for systematic elimination. This woman had absolutely no sympathy for us at all. She was cold as ice, and I knew we WERE about to be delivered to the executioner.
Now here’s what the Holy Spirit revealed to me about the dream.
The man in the first scene who tried to break into our house symbolizes the devil himself. As mature believers, we have been trained to recognize his wiles, so we can “see him coming,” as it were, and prevent his entry into our lives. That’s fairly easy.
But the second scene, where the woman WAS ALREADY INSIDE THE HOUSE, here is the key to the dream:
This woman looked like my sister in real life. And the interpretation that the Lord gave me was that this cold blooded killer in the dream looking like my sister was meant to be an urgent warning that there are those in our lives, and in the Body now, who indeed may LOOK LIKE our brethren, BUT ARE NOT. They are betrayers. Ratters. Posers. False brethren. AND THAT WE ALL NEED TO BE ON ULTRA ALERT.
I felt the Lord wanted me to share this warning dream because for many of us there may be people we’ve allowed to gain a place of intimacy into our lives [symbolized by the woman’s free access into my bedroom] who have no business being there. And that we need to ask the Holy Spirit to take inventory of all our relationships---editing where necessary--guarding our our hearts ,realizing the hour we live in.One day it will be a matter of life and death!!! C.

Mar 17, 2013

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