I was listening to a radio show tonight and heard you say about judgement.
The Lord has given me many open visions dreams and prophetic words - I
received this 2 weeks ago - some have embraced but some have nearly
crucified me so here goes:

So Friday night an overwhelming feeling came upon me. I instantly knew what
it was but I asked The Lord. "What is this I feel?" He replied " My hand is
lifted". I immediately asked what does that mean, have I done something
that has grieved you, do I need to make anything right? Then I proceeded to
ask are you saying it has lifted off Danville, if so where do u ask I go.
What are you asking of me. I then asked, is it off my nation. Have you
lifted your protection from us. I cannot tell you the utter horror I felt.
I know exactly how it feels to be in outer darkness. I have never ever
encountered such an emptiness in my life. I have no words and will still
cry at the thought if that feeling. It was a literal feeling, not just
words or seeing dark but a literal feeling
Next he gave this word and as I released the word, the feeling left as He
explained I was feeling exactly how some would feel in the very near
Isaiah 1:25
New International Version (1984)
I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge away your dross
and remove all your impurities.
For I am about to lift my hand from you , Your land. For you have smote me
from your ways , your laws and your land. For you have blanently said we do
not want the ways of The Lord. We will judge what we think is right and
shall live accordingly. Because of this, I shall remove my hand. I do have
a remnant who will remain but only the remnant will hear my warning, my
ways and my instructions. Those who have chosen to go their ways shall
indeed go their way and they will not even realize I have departed from
their life until it becomes so evident that there is no other way.
For I say knowing about me is not knowing me
There was way more but needs to be transcribed
Then this morning as we get into worship , I got on the floor and began to
tell our Father, you are so holy. I was not expecting Him to reply as I
thought I was only going to worship Him in adoration. Much to my surprise
He replied to me:
Yes I am holy and this is why your nation will see I have lifted my hand
For you in the bible, when my nation turned and did wicked my sight, they
only went their way for a time before I caused them to eat of their ways.
I then began to weep uncontrollably as I literally began to beg God,
,"please God, no please please please no". Please Lord have mercy on us,
Please no please no. Please God!!!!
He then replied, for your nation is about to see a time that neither you or
your parents have ever seen. Darkness is upon your land and the things that
you have opened the door and said, we will do as what is right in our eyes
will now turn on you. The. Actions of your nation has caused a release that
is like nothing you have seen. There is yet releases that will follow. Even
so I will have spots where my presence it.. It will be where my remnant
abides. Only my remnant can withstand for men's hearts will fail for they
will not know where to turn to find relief. Only those in my presence will
know where to go and what decisions to make for they are my remnant. Those
are the ones who are my bond servants and follow my instructions. For you
see, the church in America has not learned to wholly follow me, trust me
and are dead to self. That is the remnant. Those that serve me as it is
conviencet to them, halfway will turn on the remnant and persecute them but
this will be a great time for my remnant for they are going to see me do
miracles for them and through them as they all be the only light in your
nation. I shall use this dark time to gather a harvest for I shall we the
only solution, answer and protection. I am the one true God and I will turn
this nation back to me. For your ways are coming to an end, the fruit of
your ways is about to be revealed but my remnant will shine!!!!!! Arise and
shine remnant for the glory of The Lord will be revealed through you
There was more but that would need transcribing as well. So this was my
When I got up to speak, I could barely speak What a day

It was very traumatic fir me. Had 3 CI ministers judge it also. I pulled up
Cindy's word someone told me about. Very much same feeling.
Not sure when that was
I am on my face
I am still asking and doing all I know to turn His face to us
Not that I am anybody at all
But there will be pockets of the remnant That is good-BECKY

Mar 19, 2013

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