Dream Vision 3-19-2013

"There will be great destruction and death upon the land, for my people
refuse to hear my voice."

While trying to fall asleep I could not, for my spirit was praying in the
spirit with great urgency for quite a while, then I received the following

I was in a house in Valencia California pouring something to drink with a
friend in the kitchen. The earth started to shake we both knew and said it
was an earthquake, it kept getting worse. As I looked out the window I said
we are due for a big one, then the man said look it is not stopping yet for
the trees cannot recover, I looked out the window and saw tall palm trees
and evergreens in the distance bent over but trying to stand back upright
then falling back down. Next thing the house was violently shaking worse
and was hard to stand, the man said the house is sliding down to another
house, he went to look out the window on the downhill side but both of us
looked at each other wondering where to go. He said it is safer where I was
in the middle of the kitchen but I did not feel safe there, I went to get
in a doorway and tried to grab onto the door sill. The house then tilted in
the air to slide down, I was suspended in mid air with nothing to hold
onto, I cried out Father! Lord Jesus! Give us protection! Instantly I was
back in bed seeing the window and trees but knowing I was awake and out of
the vision. Father then proceeded to tell me...

"There will be great destruction and death upon the land, for my people
refuse to hear my voice."

"Kevin this is true and will happen soon, tell my people, warn them to hear
my voice! My people must learn to hear my voice now! Behold knock at my
door and you will be able to hear me, if you do not you will die in the
destruction that is coming!"

(The man fell with the house into the earth, he never cried out to God)

Father said this will be common for us. He will bring us, the Bride, out of
disaster and meet us in safe areas with each other.


Mar 21, 2013

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