Brother Q,

O my soul... I awoke this morning and was led by the Holy Spirit to close my eyes. I was in a kitchen of an elite hotel, where only the finest and freshest foods are served. There was a large wooden butcher's block table in front of me, with the sharp knives of the craft. I even saw freshly ground spices and seasonings in dishes. And in that moment, a strong man threw a lifeless young girl with long blond wavey hair onto the butcher's block, as one would with small game! My soul cried out in horror! I opened my eyes and said, NO LORD! I cannot watch, forgive me!

The Holy Spirit led me to close my eyes again! I was in a primitive kitchen and saw a naked young woman standing in a cauldrin of broth, she was in a drugged trance and was not aware of what was to befall her! I was so close to her that I could see the pours of her skin! My soul cried out again in horror! I opened my eyes and said NO LORD, I cannot watch, forgive me!

The Holy Spirit led me to close my eyes for the third time! I was in a major city, there was mass panic, chaos and death! People were running every which way, like crazed animals! There were dead bodies strewn all over! I saw a dead man on the street with his abdomen cut wide open, and in that moment, a man stuck his hand into the opening, ripped out an organ and ate it! My soul cried out, NO LORD NO! I cannot watch, STOP!

I then fell into a deep sleep. I was in a costal city. There were many banquet rooms full of solemn people, as if they were eating their last supper. I kept saying JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, and unlike in the prior three visions where I was not seen, these people could see me! And at that moment, the Holy Spirit lifted me into the air and flew me into each banquet room and around the tables proclaiming the HOLY NAME of JESUS! People fell down on their knees, crying out with joy, praising and worshiping GOD! The Holy Spirit led me into many banquet rooms throughout this city that day, and then I arrived at the last one. The headmaster was furious to see me! As I flew around his large gathering sitting around his large table, shouting JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! It was as if some once knew HIS name and as the scales dropped from their eyes, they fell on their faces, weeping in repentence! Some were puzzled, as if they came into the realization they had bought into the lie! And some were already dead and did not even know it! The headmaster was so uncontrollably angry, that he tried to jump and grab me, but could not, for I was shielded by the Holy Spirit! I calmly said, get thee hence Satan. And I awoke and praised ALMIGHTY GOD!

The twilight of this age is upon us, a breath away from the midnight hour. Keep up the good fight of faith brother!

In Jesus name,

A Reedemed Child of GOD!

Mar 24, 2013

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