Hello Brother Steve,
I believe I have received a word of hope. Would like to run this by you.
It's based on the Power of His Word. It's been Satan's strategy after his
fall to pollute the gene pool of mankind in an attempt to originally
prevent the birth of Jesus and also to pervert the glory of God in man's
creation. Fallen angels in Genesis 6 succeeded in their evil plan to defile
mankind and giants were the result of their evil unions. The Genesis 3
serpent seed has affected human bloodlines. Nephilim bloodlines exist
today. We will again visit the days of Noah before the Lord's return.
Mankind will be subject to various forms of gene manipulation/alteration.
From chemtrails to dark underground experiments, this evil is active. We
have yet to see the fulness of its evil. But there is HOPE IN JESUS for
humanity. With God ALL things are possible. The power of the blood of Jesus
is unlimited in redemptive purposes for mankind. For those who have
suffered gene/DNA tampering from fallen angels or their human agents, there
is hope. Neither Satan or his fallen angels will ever be restored but
eternally judged. But our God is a God of restoration and RE-GENE-ration.
Our ration is His portion. His portion is supernatural restoration of human
frequencies according to His original design. His waters of redemptive
regeneration are still flowing. The Lord is able to dissolve foreign
implants. He cuts the cords and stops the sounds of mind control. He is
able to restore fragmented souls from the soul sifters. HE alone if the
LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and besides HIM there is no other. How great is our God!
Let HIM RE-GENE you according to His Word in Titus 3:5 --IF YOU CALL UPON THE LORD JESUS -YOU CAN AND WILL BE SAVED!

Mar 25, 2013

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