Hello Steve,
I read your 2 newest dreams/visions and felt like I needed to share this as
I have had a sick baby this week...so very little sleep...and even wen I
could sleep...it seemded like my spirit was WIDE AWAKE. In the wee hours of
Saturday morning (Oct. 27) I lay awake in bed wishing for sleep, but sleep
wouldn't come. My thoughts were about my sick little one who couldn't find
a peaceful rest because of an ear infection and I was calling upon the Lord
to touch her. Out of NOWHERE I heard the Lord speak these words..."Hold on
to the rope!" I quickly thought, "where did that come from Lord?" He
replied, "DO NOT LET GO OF THE ROPE!" and I said in my spirit...I WILL
NEVER let go of the rope Lord...I trust you COMPLETELY!" Then He began to
whisper these words to me..."Extortion, murder, immorality, deceit, abuse,
lawlessness ...you know that I said that all of these things must be
judged. So, hold on to the rope...and you will be fine." I actually laid
there in the bed....envisioning that very thing...and shaking my
head...because I felt like He wanted to give me peace for the tough times
ahead. THank you for all that you to to warn and prepare the people. The
Lord bless you and keep you~ Michelle from Texas

Oct 29, 2012

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