DREAM OF 3 and one Half Years represented by CUPS OF WATER Daniel's 42 Months -DEVASTATION AND DESTRUCTION

Over a year ago I had what some would call a dream but to me, it was more
than that. It was a vision of things to come. Immediately after the vision
and before I could open my eyes, I found myself out of bed and on my knees
sobbing and praying unlike anything I've ever experienced before.
Up until now, I have only shared my experience with the closest of family
members. With recent developments in the world I now realize I must warn
all that I can. I do not have the voice or the outlet to others as you and
your peers do. That is the reason for this email. Hoping you and others can
help me interpret the vision and warn as many as possible before it's too
The "dream" took place in the apartment my wife and I first moved into
after we were married. Apt. number3. There were only 3 people in the
apartment, My oldest brother, my son, and me. I must note that when my Dad
passed away when I was 4 years old, my brother stepped in and took on a
fatherly role to me growing up. I feel this is important to the message I
was given. In the vision I saw four glasses filled with water on a serving
tray. One glass tipped over but was caught before it hit the floor. When it
was placed back on the tray it only had half of the water remaining. After
this I heard a terrible noise outside and I looked out the window that
faces West to see what was going on. After looking out the window, I found
myself outside in the street looking up and seeing military jets flying
very low and heading North. When I looked in the direction the jets were
flying I saw cities being bombed to total destruction. Another part that
really stood out as significant were the flames from the burning cities
were purple. Upon seeing this is when I found myself on the floor praying.

I never experienced this before and I do not have the ability to
interpret dreams or visions. But I know The Good Lord gave me this message
for a reason and hopefully someone can help me figure out the message
involving four glasses filled with water, one spilled glass of water that
only half remained, the number three, and purple flames.
I am giving you my personal information If you feel a need to contact me
but I would like to remain anonymous if you share this. I am sharing this
with others like yourself and will ask the same of them as well.

May God have mercy on us all and bless you for all you do.


Mar 29, 2013

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