I live in Central Washington, am 45 years old, and have been an RN for over 20 years now. I am married, and have a teenage child. As I work in a ER in one of the local hospitals, I'm in the "public eye" in a sense, caring for hundreds of people during the course of a year. But I see things changing and rapidly, others believers are dreaming what God showed me years ago, so I must say something. Don't want my name mentioned, just to sound a warning!
It was February 2009, I was driving my cold truck to work in early afternoon, snow still on the ground, I turned down a straight stretch of road. As I crossed a bridge, the cab of my truck became warm, the windows were half way down, and the fields and surrounding hills became green. All of a sudden 2 dark green missiles streaked before me and exploded, shaking me in my truck, huge white billowing clouds of smoke came from the explosion, and started drifting to the ground. Thinking we we're under attack, I tried to call my wife on my cellphone, no reception in a area that had reception. Then I found myself talking to a deputy sheriff I know, while standing in the road; he heard we had been attacked before his radio went down, he was going to drive into the clouds of smoke to look for survivors, I argued it was probably a chemical or biological attack, and he couldn't go into it, and I was going back to the local volunteer fire dept to help with survivors. Soon as I said that, I found myself still in winter, driving on the same road, just a mile from where I had started the vision.
This bothered me greatly, NEVER had anything like that ever happen to me before or since. At work the same day, while checking E-mails, noticed one from the Hospital Safety Director; FEMA and Homeland Security had sent hospital a notice that they wanted ER personal to be drilled, and become familiar with bio-hazard protective equipment for "WHEN" the US would experience biological or chemical attacks. So nurses whom could volunteer extra time were encouraged to come to the meetings, and practice sessions.
Two bizarre things in the same day, I started praying to God, a lot. Still bothered, I turned to the web to see if other believers we're having dreams and visions. (This is when I stumbled across your web site, and the Deyo's) I eventually found a dream from a evangelist, A.A. Allen in 1954; where he described billows of a white smoke coming out of a blackness, and then the US was attacked by nukes. Reading this sent chills down my spine, and I knew I had my answer from God.
Not sure if you use this or not. Daily I read about the changes happening in all aspects of life on the planet, and wonder how much longer God will restrain the evil. Again I had to say something, or be held accountable.

Mar 29, 2013

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