I was being called to prayer again about God's coming judgments, so I
obeyed & shut myself in with Him. It didn't take long, as He was speaking
to me. Before I pass on what He said, I want to say also, that "Jason" who
wrote what you published on 3-28, is the exact same word that God had given
to me on 3-7. I recognized it immediately, it's from Ezekiel 7.

Today, God just spoke to me this word:
"My fiery judgments are about to fall on this world. My fiery indignation
is about to be poured out. The world waits with held breath; they are
about to fall. (the judgments) Woe unto them who think they are with Me &
are not. Woe unto the wicked, for they will suffer greatly, while My
people stand. They will stand by My Word & they will live by faith. The
end shall be revealed."

I don't know how quick things are going to happen now, but I feel the Holy
Spirit saying it's not long now.

Mar 29, 2013

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