Steve, Good morning I have something I want to share with you again. This morning after I turned on the computer I went to your site and saw how the BANSTERS are bringing the price of precious metals down, so they can buy it with other peoples money. About a month ago I had a dream that I feel in my spirit needs to be shared with others one more time.
In the dream I awoke to do my normal routine you know plug in the coffee turn on the PC etc. Well that morning I also turned on the market watch channel CNBC , which is something I never do. I grab a cup of coffee and click to your web site...there was the price of silver at 26 dollars I could not believe my eyes...Then I heard some one on TV talking in a loud voice how the market is crashing..People from all over the world are pulling there money out of the market, banks too.The was panic buying being done by people,they showed people just throwing what they could into their shopping carts. They went to a grocery store and showed how the shelves were being emptied in minute,not hours. I heard the word bank holiday due to the runs. You saw the expression of fear on the commentators face,he was also confused.The last words I heard him say was OMG it happened...I awoke
The dream was so real, that when I awoke I ran to the computer and turned on your site...I was so grateful that the price of silver was not at 26. After that dream I had others that have given signs..But this was loud and clear watch out for the number 26 where silver is concerned...Get ready brothers and sisters in Christ cause here it come. Joy

PS Feel free to share it with those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see...GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Apr 3, 2013

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