The Dream that Motivated Me to Go to Church by Rick Wiles -" THE GIANT ARMY REVEALED"

The Dream that Motivated Me to Go to Church

By Rick Wiles
President of Trunews
Vero Beach, FL

Copyright owned by Rick Wiles
October 2012
Used with permission

At age 24 in early 1978, my primary motivations were getting drunk and stoned on the weekends with my friends and having as much fun as possible between Friday nights and Monday mornings. I was known for having awesome parties at my house. There was no shortage of cool people who came to my place on Friday and Saturday nights for all-night bouts of drinking liquor, smoking hashish and pot, laughing, and acting crazy.

Something unusual, however, was happening in my life at that time. It was supernatural. It happened more than once. In the middle of great parties with my buddies where the booze and dope were flowing freely, I would hear an audible voice say my name. “Rick!” After a pause during which I tried to convince myself I didn’t hear it, the mysterious voice would call my name again. “Rick!”

I knew the voice was not inside the house. In fact, I instinctively knew it originated from the night sky. I even remember thinking that perhaps the voice was transmitted by space aliens. Each time the voice called me, I would go outside, stare into the dark sky and say, “Who are you? Why do you say my name? Identify yourself!” There was only silence. Instantly, however, I became sober. I would go back into the party and announce over the strenuous objections of my buddies that the party was finished. I didn’t tell my friends about the voice because I knew they would laugh hilariously at me. The party had to end, however, because I didn’t want to drink more booze or smoke more weed. It was like I snapped out of my liquor/dope-induced stupor.

The strange, supernatural experience continued occurring over months. It didn’t happen every weekend. I never knew when and where the voice would call to me, but it was always when I was involved in sinful behavior. I had no spiritual awareness that my behavior was sinful. I thought it was fun. The unknown voice from the sky, however, removed the fun factor. I felt empty and unsatisfied. The voice reached deep into my soul.

Somewhere along the way in the early months of 1978, my wife Susan started attending church services every Sunday morning. Although she didn’t drink booze and smoke dope with me, Susan tolerated my immature behavior. We had a toddler daughter and Susan was growing weary of my weekend parties with my buddies. She was yearning for a stable, normal family. Somebody invited her to go to church and she was spiritually ready. Susan never pressured me to go with her. I always had a hangover on Sunday mornings. She would ask me if I want to go with her, but I merely shook my head, mumbled a few words, and went back to sleep.

The dream changed everything.

It happened in the spring of 1978 – perhaps April or May. In the early morning hours of a Sunday, I experienced a bizarre dream that became the catalyst for a life-changing event on June 11, 1978.

In the dream, I was deep underground. It wasn’t a cave. It was an underground city. I never saw buildings, but was fully aware that I was inside a subterraneous territory of enormous size.

I was standing alone on a paved street or highway. It was illuminated by some type of artificial light source. It reminded me of the lighting in a long highway tunnel beneath a mountain or bay.

The paved road was quite wide. It was well lit, but I could not see beyond the outer boundaries of both sides of the road. I had no idea what lurked beyond in the darkness. I was aware of a very high ceiling above me.

From the darkness on both sides of the paved road came thousands of soldiers. They were lining up in formation on the underground highway. My visual depth perception was perhaps one-fourth mile in the long tunnel which appeared to extend for a long distance. As far as I could see there were men coming out of the darkness on both sides.

I knew the men were soldiers. They were strapping on battle gear and weapons even as they ran onto the paved highway. They numbered in the thousands. If I had to guess, I would estimate that what I saw in the dream were 5,000 soldiers. I could see men coming out of the darkness as far as my vision extended in the artificially-lit tunnel. There seemed to be no end to it.

I marveled at what I was watching. I was shrouded in the darkness. The soldiers were not aware of my presence. I knew a great war was ready to commence. I was curious to know about it. Who were they going to fight?

Standing in front of me was an officer. He was perhaps a hundred feet away with his back toward me. He was barking out orders and commands to the soldiers. There was no doubt he was the commander of the brigade. He would lead his men into battle.

I couldn’t remain quite any longer. I walked out of obscurity into the light on the underground highway. As I walked closer to the assembled troops, I was shocked at what I saw. They were not human beings! They were hybrid creatures. They had the torsos, legs, and arms of human men. They were muscular and strong. Their heads and faces, however, were of another species. I had no idea who or what they were. I was stunned by their appearance. They were half human, half animal. Their faces resembled lions.

Despite the amazement of my discovery, I continued to walk toward the commander. He was unaware of my presence and continued to loudly shout orders to his troops. The hybrid creatures in the frontlines, however, became aware of my presence in their world. I could not resist the urge to gaze at their faces and bodies. What was I seeing? Who or what are these men? Are they men? Are they animals? They communicated with speech. They made eye contact with me. I did not feel threatened or frightened as both they and I realized we were from two different worlds. I had no idea what I was witnessing. I only knew it was both eerily bizarre and captivatingly fascinating.

Finally, I tapped the commander on the shoulder. Before he could turn around to see who interrupted him, I blurted out my questions. “Excuse me, sir! What is going on here? Who are you going to fight?”

He whipped around and stared at me in wonderment. He had a fearsome lion-like countenance. I can still remember his expression. It was a combination of frustration that he had been interrupted, yet amazed by my questions. He appeared to be contemptuously angered by my audacity to approach him at such a momentous time, yet willing to answer my sincere questions.

His fiery eyes glared into my eyes. We were face to face – only inches apart. Human vs. hybrid.

He said one sentence. The commander of the underground army thundered his answer in my face: “Have you never read the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ?”

I woke up from the dream. I sprang up in the bed! My young wife was startled from her sleep too. Susan asked, “What’s wrong with you?” I was confused. The room was dark. Was I still in the underground tunnel? Susan reassured me I was having a bad dream. She asked me what I dreamed and I told her about the hybrid creatures.

We stayed awake and talked until sunrise. Susan finally got out of the bed and said she had to get ready to go to church. As always, she asked, “Do you want to go to church with me today?” Instead of brushing off her invitation as usual with an excuse about a hangover, I quickly replied, “Yes, I want to go too.”

Several hours later I was in the first church service since the days of my childhood. I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t the Prosperity Gospel. It wasn’t the Social Gospel. It wasn’t the Self-Esteem Gospel. Instead, it was the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Each week the pastor’s sermons were centered on the Three Bs: The Blood, The Book, and The Blessed Hope.

The breakthrough came on June 11, 1978 when the pastor asked the audience if anybody wanted to receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit. I actually thought they were going to give away free gifts! The pastor said, “This gift is free! All you have to do is stand up and walk down to the altar and you will receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit.”

I wasn’t even a Christian, yet I went forward to the front of the church to claim my free gift. If it was free, I wanted it! I planned to go home with something.

As I approached the altar, however, I suddenly became aware of my sinfulness. There was an air of holiness in the church. It was the presence of God - yet I felt very unclean and unworthy to be in this marvelous presence.

I uttered one sentence: “God, make me clean.”

Another supernatural experience unfolded. I physically died at the altar in the church. That’s right. No heartbeat. No pulse. That’s another testimony to share at another time. Jesus lives!

Oct 30, 2012

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