Dear Steve ,
With all the news about the bird flu and the desire of those that
Want to depopulate the earth , I feel I should share a God given dream
given to me in August of 2011.
In the dream I saw myself standing in front of the Georgia
Guide Stones. I saw people reading the words engraved on the
Stones. I spoke up and said yes they want to depopulate the
Earth. Then all of a sudden I was somewhere else, but I don't
Know where. I was in a room that was filled with fog or smoke
Of some sort. I was standing behind someone looking over his shoulder . In
the persons hand was a test tube , and he was shaking the contents out in
the room. I could sense there was someone else in the room that wanted to
get out. Then I heard
The voice of The Lord to my left say this is the plague that will strike
the earth. Then the person with the test tube steped back
And shut the door. He then steped back again and shut another
Door and a third time shut another door. Then one more The Lord spoke and
said one word , Quarantine!! End of dream.
We all must stay in the secret place of the most high an stay
There until he comes. God bless and keep us all in his care.

May 4, 2013

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