Here is the vision:
Several immensely powerful resonant red laser beams emanated out of the
ground projecting up into the night sky. Suddenly, an image appeared at
the top of the beams that had the appearance of a Christ-like man. There
was a vibration so strong and so loud that I could feel it all around me,
in my bones, and throughout my entire body, even in my teeth. A very loud
authoritative voice projected out of the image in the sky that could be
seen by masses of people from around the world. The image spoke in a
commanding manner telling the masses he had been sent to instruct and guide
them in all truth and bring forth 'The Wisdom of the Ages.' Immediately,
within the context of the vision, I KNEW that this image was a fraud, a
farce, a holographic illusion conjured up through advanced technologies.
The masses of people gathered and standing 'round about me were spellbound
and mesmerized by this powerful talking image. I tried to warn everyone
around me that they shouldn't look at or listen to this image because it
wasn't real. No one would listen to me and believed it was a being sent
from another world to help us. I became absolutely frantic trying to get
people's attention away from this evil thing. In the vision I hurried back
to my office to design and print brochures to warn the people everywhere
that the image was not sent from God and it was not benevolent. When I
attempted to hand the brochures out to the people, no one wanted to take or
read it. The image emitted an intense energy with a human-like appearance
and laser light projections all around it. When the image told everyone to
return the next night for daily instructions, no one would listen to me or
heed my warning not to go out. I became aware that this image was being
broadcast all over the world so that every eye could see and every ear
could hear. I knew this perverse phenomenon would usher in the blackest
evil and blasphemous abominations opposed to the Word of Truth. This
scripture came into my mind in the vision: 'And the Whole World Wondered
after the Beast.' Then I saw the 3 W's as symbolic of World War 3 and the
world being led into captivity for following after the Beast ~ The
Abomination of Desolation. [The End]

I didn't learn of 'Project Blue Beam' until 2010 [7 years after the vision]
when I stumbled upon it on YouTube one day. I was utterly flabbergasted
that current NASA technology had the capability of projecting holographic
images and powerful laser beams with an intense level of energy high into
the heavens. Immediately I remembered my vision so many years prior and it
was still crystal clear in my memory. In fact, I could still feel the
intense energy of the lasers that I experienced in the vision. The Holy
Spirit spoke into my spirit at that moment and said, 'Counterfeit Christ.'
The forces of darkness would conjure up a counterfeit 2nd coming of Jesus

This vision seemed to be telling me a strong delusion would be placed over
the world. That alien beings would be venerated as gods from more advanced
civilizations. And because many people don't know what The Word of God
says, they would believe the smoke & mirror lies of the prince of darkness
and be led captive away into destruction...

In Christ's Liberty,

May 6, 2013

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