Hi Steve,

I know you get inundated with emails, so I only write when I believe I can contribute. Please pray over the following and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment regarding its validity.

I had a dream Sunday morning (May 5, 2013) sometime between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM. I cannot say with certainty it was prophetic, but it was unusual in its clarity....and it may have answered a long-time prayer I have been placing before The Lord. Please allow me to explain.

For those who read the Bible (and the headlines), the "what" part of what is coming is becoming increasingly clear. It is the "when" that I have asked The Lord for help determining....which brings me to the dream.

I was in an unknown city and a construction project had resulted in part of the street being torn up. I looked down under a construction saw-horse and, in the dirt, I saw a silver dollar. Then I saw several more, so I began to pick them up.

The next thing I knew, I was in an underground room collecting silver bars and coins. There were a few other people there, but not many. We were spread out and we were all gathering as much as we could with a sense of urgency. There was no fighting, no hostility, no anger--- just a sense that we should get what we could and get out as soon as possible.

The other thing I seemed to know was that we were not stealing. The silver had been placed there by someone who was long-since gone/dead. It was available for those who valued it and were willing to work for it.

At that point, amidst the silver, I saw sheets of bills with Queen Elizabeth on them....the kind of sheets you see that come off a printing press. I started to grab a stack thinking I might need cash. A man (I didn't see his face), said, "You don't need those." And my wife, who had suddenly appeared by my side said, "He's right, they're worthless." So I put them down and I asked my wife to hail a cab so we could transport the silver, which she did. As we were leaving the room to enter the cab, I looked back and realized the room was a huge underground brick warehouse....and it was now entirely empty.

The next scene took place immediately. I was in a rather spare and unappealing apartment with my wife, parents, and a few strangers. Everyone was chatting pleasantly. I knew it was a Sunday afternoon, because the sun was shining, the TV was on, and an NFL game was playing. A man (again, I didn't see his face) asked about the game (maybe the score?) and I said, "I don't know. I'm not paying much attention. The Packers aren't playing this weekend." (As an aside, I'm a Packers fan.)

I then looked out the window in a south-south-west direction across Lake Washington toward Century Link Field where the Seattle Seahawks play. (In real life, this isn't possible from where I was in the dream, nonetheless I saw the stadium clearly.). It was a beautiful, crystal clear Seattle day, but there was a gray fog/mist heading toward the stadium from the south-south-west. As I looked further SSW, I could see that the fog emanated from the horizon---and the horizon was pitch black and ominous. It was clear that a horrible storm was coming and I said, "It's a shame, they can't play the game now while it's so nice. By the time the night game comes (or words to that affect) the storm will be here." Everyone agreed....and the sense was the Seahawk game was going to be nationally televised, so we wanted the city of Seattle to look good for the national audience. Therefore, we were all more concerned about having to play the night-game in the lousy weather rather than being alarmed about the storm itself.

Then lastly, I was in a new scene trying to push/squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of an odd looking flat tube. I finally got some out (after making some quip about there always being more toothpaste in the tube), but it was lumpy and tasted bad.

That's when the dream ended.


Of course, much of the silver-part of the dream is self-explanatory. What I found interesting is that there was no gold in the dream....only silver. Gold has historically been the money of kings, generals, and the elite. Silver has historically been the money of the people. It was the silver warehouse that was left bare.....meaning it is the people who do not acquire silver now, and move it from the warehouse/banks/institutions (thus the taxi) will be left with nothing.

I believe the fact that we in the dream were not "stealing" silver indicated that this wealth was willingly left to us by those who have gone before. They worked hard to accumulate it for subsequent generations....and for those who value it and are willing to work for it.

I believe the bills had Queen Elizabeth on them (and were not USD federal Reserve Notes) because the first western Central Bank was British, and these bills were representative of all Western fiat currencies....not just US dollars.

The pre-game-storm-on-the-horizon scene was also instructive. First, that scene was a localized view and not necessarily an America-wide (or world-wide) vision/dream that some of your other contributors have had. Next, the event was undefined. Did the storm represent war? Terrorist attack? Bank collapse? Earthquake? Regardless, all of us in the dream ( including me) dismissed the danger. We were more concerned about appearances and frivolous things than the impending harsh reality.

Regarding the timing (the part I have prayed so hard for clarity on), I followed the clues/prompts regarding who was playing (and not playing) the weekend of the dream-storm. I looked at the 2013 NFL schedule and noted that the Packers have a bye-week at the end of September, but the Seahawks are in Houston for an afternoon game that weekend. Clearly, that was a dead-end. However, the Packers play Detroit Thanksgiving Day ---and therefore don't play on the weekend of November 30-December 1, 2013. Meanwhile, the Seahawks play the Saints (interesting opponent), in Seattle, on Monday Night Football December 2nd....right after Thanksgiving Sunday. I did not know this prior to the dream. The correlation startled me.

The toothpaste part seems to be saying that things that we take for granted will be tougher to come by and of lower quality.

This is not to say that Thanksgiving 2013 is a certainty for an undefined (but dark) Seattle event. After all, a Packers' bye week accompanied by a Seahawks night game could happen in 2014....or 2020 for that matter. Nevertheless, I now plan on being absent from the Seattle area this coming Thanksgiving weekend--- and I wish to share the dream with others, so they themselves can take it to The Lord Jesus Christ in prayer and then make their own decisions.

Your friend in Christ,


May 7, 2013

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