The enemy is going to cordon off all major metropolitan areas and not let anyone out.

After much prayer, ( and I mean MUCH, ) asking God to show me the when, where, how, of when the proverbial "IT" is going to happen, I saw the article about the guy in Bosnia telling us what to expect here after the collapse, on Just a few hours later God gave me a very clear revelation. Not about the when, unfortunately, but about the how.

The enemy is going to cordon off all major metropolitan areas and not let anyone out. ( Just like in Bosnia. ) They plan on purposely dropping not enough humanitarian aid down and letting us attack eachother for the scraps of food and supplies still left, thereby weakening OURSELVES so they can easily move in and take over in about 6 months. He didn't reveal what false flag THEY will use as an excuse, just that it will happen, and the only way to defeat them is to attack the enemy continuously, not eachother. This will require a turning to Him, and for men to become men again. I got that yes, He wants us to turn to him and depend on Him ... but He helps those who help themselves. We can't sit on our butts and be cowards and not listen to the watchmen He provided like Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, Doug Hagmann, etc., and expect Him to do EVERYTHING !!! He watches over these watchmen so they can warn us.

The only other part of the revelation was that THEY have a Plan B. Because we so out number them, if we begin to win, ( which we do, ) they will strategically fire bomb to force us onto pre chosen corridors as refugees so they can pick us off and control us. We must fireproof our homes AND PRAY FOR HIM TO GUIDE US.

Listen to the watchmen. Food, water, ammo, gold, silver, AND PRAYER !!!!

May HE protect us.


May 11, 2013

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