Dear brother Steve, I just woke up from a dream that was so awful so vivid,
I know I was yelling in my dream with all I had. I remember emailing you
saying Calm before the storm. I was wondering why the Lord said this to me,
well early this morning I think I see why.

I was at work in Loveland Colorado when the following images happened in my dream. I was
telling the people, we need to get ready for something that was going to happen
why I said that I didnt know but, and It was around mid afternoon when I
noticed all these missiles in coming from the West Coast area, some missiles
where small in size, and some where large in size. The small ones came from
the sea area, the large ones came from the sky, there must have been around
30 or 40 in coming or maybe more I couldnt count due to it happening so
quickly. Our Sky was ridden with dark clouds; all I know was our Missile
defense was so... overwhelmed by what was coming in. I was yelling as loud
as I could to all the people around me to Run and hide... But they didnt, I
told them we have a small chance to survive if we could get either in a
hole or under homes from the blasts... Oh what vivid color and too see the
horror on peoples faces as if they just watched their lives flash before them.
The blasts where so Huge is I remember the flashing lights from the blasts,
the ground shaking as men fell to the ground.

In Christ - Andrew

May 12, 2013

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