Subject: Global Economic Crash -- US Martial Law and Unfaithful Pastor Payoff Revelation
„Unfaithful Pastor Payoff‰

Ed note: Evangelist Bob‚s words on the phone call will be in italics, mine will be in [brackets].

„There was a sense of such ultimate urgency that pastors were going to be caught unawares; and they were going to be absolutely in consternation. ŒHow do I go back to my pulpit? How do I go back to the lectern? Everything that I have been preaching and teaching is the exact opposite of this (revelation). [Yes, right!] ŒSo how are the people going to believe me now?‚ [Oh, oh, oh!] And if I go back, having preached and taught and preached and taught what are they going to do to me? [Uhh, yeah!] Because I‚ve been telling them one thing and here comes the wrath of God! [Well, it‚s like they told them in China before 1948, that they were going to be raptured, but they didn‚t get raptured, they got murdered, raped, and killed.]

„Uhh huh. And when they, with great fear and trepidation slipped into their churches, from side and back doors, and the doors were opened for Sunday School and morning worship, these people did not go to their classes or sit in their pews they railed at these men and women (pastors) ˆ Why did you not tell us the truth?‚ Some of them, some of these people were so enraged, they beat these men senseless at their own pulpits. [Man!] Or they beat them, and chased them and ran them while they were being beaten out of their churches.

„The people were looking around saying, Is there anybody here that has got enough common sense, and or training in the scriptures to tell us the truth this morning? [Ohhh, Lord Jesus, Ohhh!] The children were just clinging to mommy and daddy. You could see the little girls clinging to their daddy‚s necks, and the little boys holding onto mommy‚s leg. [Uhh huh] And even though those arms were around her thigh you know that women do not permit that with dresses, and skirts. [Uhh huh]. That modesty had faded with the realization, What do I do now for the sake of my children?‚

„And these people were gathered around standing, they were not sitting. While someone would be bold enough to walk up to the pulpit area, but not behind the pulpit necessarily, and say,‚ Well, I can tell you what I know, but what I know I‚m not sure, that I even know that good, because I‚m not a bible scholar. I can only share with you what little I do know.‚ „And these people would listen. But brother it was not necessarily with hunger and thirsting; it was with fear!
Then they would plead with these people (who knew a little), Well tell us what to do now!‚. [Yeah.. That‚s between the economic crash and the arrival of the (dark painted) trucks, right? Must be.] Well, that‚s while all this is taking place too. [Yeah, right, I gotcha.] Uhhhhh. Because the coming of the trucks, remember, is after martial law is declared. But before martial law is declared you‚re watching what happened in Japan and is taking place here.

„Now what would happen, say on a Friday or Saturday when stores are being raided, and you go to the warehouses, and then you go to the manufacturers.. Well these people are going to show up in church. [Yeah] And brother if that takes place on a Sunday morning and a Sunday night and a Wednesday night, [Uhh huh] I cannot even begin to imagine what will pass through the mind of these people while they are trapped in the church. [Hummm - OK brother, dear Jesus] Brother, I pray that Jesus will take us home before that. That is my prayer; but I DO NOT know.

Now, when the economy imploded? [Uhh huh] Because the world economies are based on the dollar, it became nothing more than tissue paper. [Yeah, that‚s what I‚ve been saying.] The Euro stood alone! [Humm] And now Europe, godless Europe, the Europe that said that we do not want God in our Constitution, was catapulted to world preeminence, and dominance that came out of that preeminence. Because he who holds the wealth, holds the power. [Hummm]

[OK Brother]. I do not know what you‚re going to do with this. [Well, I got it.] And I‚m not even sure if you sent it out how many people would believe it. [Well, Brother you‚ve never been wrong yet. I don‚t know what they‚re gonna do.. If they don‚t believe they‚ll have no excuse. For, Yea, I have warned thee] Now those were the words that faded while I was in the truck!! And I just said, God, I know what this means if you said ˆ are saying. Yea I have warned thee‚. Brother, we will either have revival or we will have ruin! [Amen, brother. Amen.]

There is no in between on this one. [And I can’t my own family, Bob, to believe a thing; I can’t them to believe a word! Not a word! Not a word!] And did not Jesus say that that would be the case? [Yep] Within one’s own household? [I just read that this morning.] Uhh huh Uhh huh Mother against daughter-in- law, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.. Children against parents. Ok brother..]

I do not know what to say [Well I know on Saturday (the 10th of March) I said I‚d better call Bob about the (SW) border, „Bob, what you‚re saying is coming to pass. That‚s the words I left on your voice mail; I happened to have your cell phone number.. I pushed the button and said, „I’ll just ring his cell and say What you‚re saying is coming to pass. I’ll get to you later.]

Now just take what was shared this morning and put it into virtual reality terms. With all the thoughts and all the feelings and all the emotions pf people. In real time. [Yeah] There is no way with words I can even begin to make it that real. [Yes, it’s like Paul said it was unlawful to utter.. almost.] Uhh huhhh.

[Ok Brother] Well, there it is. [Thank you Jesus. Father thank you for the revelation. Ohh help us O‚ God! Help us O‚ Jesus! Ohh Lord!! .OK Bob] Brother, it brings to mind the words from the prophets. That a day’s wages will only buy a loaf of bread. (Read Revelation 6:6 -- KING JAMES VERSION ONLY!!! Normal food will be so expensive you need not even think of affording oil and wine.] Well, God bless and love and keep you. [OK brother] Bye now. [Lord Bless you.]

As I said, I‚ll transcribe the first two sections shortly. The barbarian and pernicious New World Order‚s tactics in the third section will make this one appear tame.

Note: On the 12th of March 2007, I received an email from Brother Bob saying he had to talk to me. I called him about 9:15 AM on the 13th. These are the words of that conversation; however, I’ve already transcribed the latter portion wherein I recorded the section spoken against unfaithful pastors. I felt it was more important to get that message out prior to what you’re about the read below. .

May 24, 2013

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