It had come to the shores of America quicker and earlier than what anyone in our own White House, Congress, Senate, and in the shadow government‚ had expected. They were caught in their own lair; and trapped! And realized it was going to take them with it. Which was one of the panic reasons why martial law was called.

Now , what happened in Louisiana, and more specifically New Orleans? [Well, they got wiped out! It took them by surprise!] And how did the local law enforcement react? [Well, they started clamping down on everybody.] Uhh, huh. Al, they came in trucks. Massive trucks. If they were not dark olive in color they were almost black. [Uhh huh] and the men that came outta these trucks were in full black uniform. Many of them spoke what sounded like either Mandarin or Chinese. [Yes!!] Their facial features that could be seen through that open slot or slit where the eyes are called a balaclava, were obviously Oriental. [Uhh huh, yep!] And there were also those who were very large. And the only description of the nations that fit. One was Russian and the other was German.

Al, they went in and on the sides of the trucks you could see.. It looked like it was either a plate (3 x 4 inch) that had been screwed in so they could take it back out, or it was something that could be laid over a surface like a laminate and replaced. Maybe like a magnetic calendar as you would put on a refrigerator.

[Long story short, the colored plates were on the bumpers, the cab doors, on the rear walls of the trucks and on the rear doors.] These colored plates or swatches where you could change the color as required.. they were red, they were blue, and they were yellow, and they were green! [Ed note: We knew the Nazis used red, blue, and green. However, about 5 months ago I received an intelligence report saying the „lists‰ maintained by Homeland Security were now red. blue, yellow and green. Bob had no prior knowledge of the yellow or green colors.]

And in order to bring order they were ordered to round up people and take them to places where they could be safe‚. But , when they went in (to the houses) they did not knock on the doors, necessarily. You’ve seen how that law enforcement will either kick them in or take this iron unit that has handles on the side of it and break the door in? [Yes, that one man battering ram] Alright, when they came to places, that is, houses, condos, and apartments, they had lists of people! [Yeah! And what did the colors signify?] You already know!

The Reds were immediately to be eliminated. The Blues were to be questioned, get all of the information extracted; and exterminate them! Yellows, they were to be decided on.
[Explain the (same) color plates on the trucks.] Those showed to the driver and his crew, where they were going.. They knew. They already had their assignments.

Let’s take a great big farm truck, OK? [The different trucks had different color codes on them?] And they were deep olive green, so dark they were almost black. Think of the Red River Valley big huge beet trucks that have the sides that are made of wood that can go up very high. Well, these were so high that the people could not clamber out of them; because over the tops were either canvas tarps that were the same color of the truck; or most of the trucks had barbed wire going back and forth over the tops.

[So the trucks were going to certain places with certain people?] Right! And the crew driving and the crew in the back knew. Now if there was a Red crew they treated these people very harshly. They did not care what they did to them. The Blues the same way. The Yellows they treated with a little more uhhh [civility] civility; but brother it was ..

Look at it this way. When these people came out of the trucks and they knew they were going for the „Reds‰ they were like wild packs of wolves. The same way with the Blues, only they were like a lioness‚ pack going after them because they knew that they had to keep them alive long enough to get the information. Yellows with a little more civility because they did not know which way they were going to go (as in, would they recant their faith and be a usable asset?). Greens they treated with a little more civility because they knew this was going to be the group that would man the camps and the manufacturing that was located in these camps. Alright? [Got it.]

Now, they knew who the (true born again) Christians were. How they know was not shown to me; but they knew. [Uhh huh.] They also knew who the political dissidents‚ were. I put those in quotes because these are the ones speaking out against the N.W.O. Uhhhh, against anything connected to the New World Order. These were the people who were the flag waving, rah rah, rah, Americans.

Al, this is the gruesome part. When these men went into the homes of the Christians, whoever was the head of that crew; and I’m just going to share a little bit of what was done. If they came into a single occupancy, man or woman, let‚s say this is the man. Al, they beat that man mercilessly! I mean they were knocking his teeth out, they were breaking ribs, they were quote unquote having fun with him. And they were dragging these types of men out and throwing them like a sack of grain into the back of the truck. The men could not (then) sit, walk, or stand.

The women, they raped and ravished them until they could not stand. They were shown in their nakedness bleeding from being raped so. Some of them if they were pregnant, they beat that woman‚s baby until she knew her baby could not survive, or was already dead. [Humm.] Or one of them would come up with a very sharp knife, after they had raped her, and throw her up against the wall. One would hold her.. there was a man on each leg and a man on each arm so she was flat against the wall. And taking this razor sharp knife start down where the pubic area is and very quickly come up in a balloon shape and the baby would fall out.

Uhhh some of them if they had a child she was told either deny your God or we‚re gonna take the head of your baby. And if she said No! before her very eyes they mutilated this baby. Some of them went very slowly. Where they would open up the baby below the sternum, down. Now you think of this happening to a little baby; and reach in and grab the baby‚s entrails and pull them out. Of course that‚s going to drive this woman wild. [Well, of course we know the 4th Reich will be worse than the 3rd Reich.] Or they would take the head, or a they would cut a hand off, and at the elbow. This was sickening. I wanted to wake up and I could not!

If she said she would deny, they put the knife in her hand and said Prove it‚. Do to your baby what we were going to do. [Oh my gosh. That sounds like something they would do!] And some of them just passed out. They could not do it. Well, then they took her away. If she did it, they laughed in her face and mocked her for denying her God. Then they threw her in the truck anyway! [That’s what I figured was gonna happen.)

If this was a man with a wife, they stripped her in front of him. Now, you will either deny your God or you’re going to watch your wife raped until either she is insane or she goes unconscious. Now. If the man.. now they had him stripped too. If he denied they stood her up as if they were going to release her and one of them slipped up behind her and put a small high caliber pistol in the back of her neck, aimed it upwards, pulled the trigger and blew her brains out -- on him.

Or, they did all kinds of hideous things to her; like they were raping her, they were removing her breasts. [That‚s what they did in the Dark Ages, cut the breasts off.] Yes! If she was nursing, and the baby is there, one of the first things they did was cut her breasts off so she could not nurse the child. And they would go through the same process with this child.

Let‚s say here is the husband here is the wife, and they had a single young baby, she would plead with her husband to deny for the sake of the baby.. That’s the maternal instinct. If he denied, same thing. The mocked, scoffed, but if they thought they could turn him and use him, they would spare him. Then they would turn on the baby. If they thought this was a false turning, and begin to cut up the child. Well, she would turn against him. Now they knew they had her ˆ more or less. And she would begin to curse and revile him.. in front of her, they‚d castrate him. And then, they would beat him mercilessly. And to prove that she had turned, (they‚d tell her) „Go ahead and slit your husband‚s jugular or open him up from the sternum down. And let his entrails fall out‚.

If she turned they knew they had her. And you talk about someone who is demonically crazed, because they had taken her baby, and she had seen what they had done to her husband, and what she had done to him.. There was no turning back. She became something like those women in Germany during Nazism, in the camps. That‚s what they would more or less use these women for. Against their own people. Against her own people. [Was there anything shown about the Jews?] We‚re coming to it. [OK.]

If it was a number of children, they started with the oldest that could plead for their life; and work their way down to the youngest. And what they would do.. the heinous crimes of butchering these children while they were alive ˆ to get these parents to turn. And very often, the parents would turn; and they would put them in the Yellow trucks. But the children, they separated from them and put them in unmarked trucks so they could raise them to live in the New World Order as a part of the New World Order. They were going to try to reeducate them.

I will never tell this to Nancy, when they came to our house. And I pray.. ahhh... that Jesus comes before this.. [You saw your house?] And they came into our place. This is what they were demanding of others. When they came here, they took us into a.. Ohh.. it would be like a regular automobile with four doors, or a small SUV, or a small van. And the man behind the seat pulled out what looked like a Sig or a Glock or a Browning ((Ed note: Maybe one of the 700,000 Makerov 9mm x 39 caliber pistols Bill and Hillary Clinton imported on 20 Dec 1994 for UN cops!! I warned of this in 1998)) and ratcheted it around and put it in the back my wife‚s neck and moved it around by her ear until it came up to her left temple. And he said, Deny Jesus Christ; or I‚m gonna blow you wife’s brains out!‚

And then I pleaded with him, Do not do this thing!‚ He said, „Alright, you want your wife to live, do you want to live?‚ I said, Of course.‚ He took the gun out of his hand and put it in mine and took my wrist and my hand and shoved it up until the barrel was at her temple. I said, I will not do this!!‚ He reached in where my trigger finger was and pulled the trigger. And I actually saw my wife‚s brains come out all over.. on the side. This is what they were doing with other men as well as those who were ministers of the Gospel. They were being told they had to kill their wife in order to survive.

As for the Jews, they were being told when they went in and took them (because every Jew knows what this means), It‚s happening again. And there is not a thing you (Jews) can do about it!‚ And they were dragging them away, especially the woman and the children screaming and hollering, pleading, Please do not do this thing! This cannot be happening in America!‚

And they went on to discuss, This cannot be happening here, this is the land of the free, this is the land of the home of the brave, this is the land of democracy,‚ And they were mocking them (the Jews) and scoffing at them, saying, Not anymore!‚ This is ours! This belongs to us! And when they (the black uniformed forces of the N.W.O) were asked who does this belong to, they were saying,‚ This belongs to the New World Order that has dawned with this day!‚ And the reason why they had to call out the National Guard was because the nation began to riot! And what was happening in Japan they were doing here!

I had to plead. This cannot be happening! And I woke up. [When we see this crash coming then we know what’s gonna happen!] Brother, I was so sick in my spirit I was glad the wedding was not on Friday. [What day was it, Saturday?] It was Saturday. [You had a day to recover, eh?] Oh, about a day and maybe 12 or 13 hours. The wedding was not until one o‚clock. And just talking with you my hands have gone cold.

Well we knew it was going to be bad; now we know.] It brought back to mind the reports that came out of Cuba when Castro took over. [Uhh huh] They took the Christians and did these kinds of things to them. [Yeah] Those were the kind of reports that came out of Cuba, and the Father reminded me that what they did in Cuba, the Assyrians did in the Old Testament history [to the Jews]. They threw their babies up in the air and caught them on spears and swords -- out of the biblical histories of that ancient time, and when Castro took over they were throwing the babies of Christians up in the air and catching them on their bayonets. [Well, I believe that.] Well, that came out of the people that escaped! [They saw it] Al they were doing the same damnedable thing here!

And the Father said, And the people were asleep, and would not believe the truth; but embraced a lie!‚ And now that the truth has dawned upon them it is too late! [OK brother.] Brother it was so gruesome.. I have not my first decent meal since that Thursday midnight-Friday morning was last night. And I could only eat half of what Nancy had prepared for me. [That was the 12th yesterday.] Uhh huh. I mean that so sickened me. I just have not been the same. [Humm]

I was hoping ∑ sigh∑ that this was just a nightmare. [Uhh huh] I said Father if this is not a nightmare, not one of those spaghetti dinner dreams [Right] You (the Lord) have my friend get a hold of me some way some how, because I am out of pocket in __________; he cannot get a hold of me!

And after the rehearsal, I do not even know when you called my cell phone, but you had called and left a message on my cell phone. [Yeah, that’s right I called you because∑] I do not even remember what day that was. (It was Saturday at about 3:00 PM) And when I looked at my cell phone -- Œcause I was away. I never heard you call; I never heard the phone ring, as a cell phone rings. I was away. Was that when? When did you call? [I’d have to check but I’m sure it‚s when I saw the email report about the Border Patrol being outgunned (from the Washington Times.) It was probably on Saturday.]

Ok, well the cell phone was turned off so it could not ring. [I can look at the email file and tell you what day it was.] And when I turned the cell phone back on it said I had two messages. I thought well maybe.. Nancy was trying to get hold of me, or one of my kids. And one of them was from you!!! [Yeah] I said , Ohh nooo!‚ [That’s when I called and said, „Bob, what you said is coming to pass (regarding the National Guard being sent to the SW border‚) Right!]

I was sitting in the truck. I remember that. I was in the truck when I turned the cell phone back on. I don‚t know what day it was, so if it was Saturday, I left my cell phone turned off. And when I turned it back on while sitting the truck after the wedding, and after the reception. I did not even go out to the truck until about 5 or 6 o‚clock in the evening. And when I saw that you had called (regarding the fleece Bob had put out).. [It confirmed what you had asked.]

I just.. Oh, no.. the one thing I did not want to see on this phone or hear it ring if he followed me back by phone to where I am staying, is to hear from you this weekend. Because it has proved this was not a spaghetti nightmare. But the dream was from You. I thought I was going to throw up what I had eaten at the reception. [Ohhh. Ugh! It‚s even bad right now. ] And I said, God this cannot be happening! This cannot be happening!‚

(The Heavenly Father speaks directly, in the first person)

And He said, Son, it‚s already happening. If you will look at my time framing, from 14 May 1948 when Israel became a nation in a day, I have never stopped the hands of the clock of time. And no man, past present or future, can ever stop those hands. It is already upon the earth, and they do not even recognize the times in which they live. But when they awaken on that day, I will visit the earth with terrors and horrors that only the historians that are seemingly unbelievable in what they have written with regard to the terrors and the horrors they witnessed in their own day and mankind refused, and still refuses, to believe that they actually took place. I will multiply them upon the face of the earth, against mankind. And when that day‚s light passes over the international Dateline as darkness, the earth will be plummeted into a nightmare that will not cease until the coming of the Son of Man. [reverently Dear Jesus. Ohh, Lord.. Ohh, Lord. Ohh Lord.]

I just sat there in the truck and would not turn the key. I couldn‚t do anything except sit there, so nauseated that I though I was gonna lose what I ate at the reception. And I just shook, and said, Ohh God, not now. Not now.‚

And He said, It‚s already too late! You tell the preachers, you tell the evangelists, you tell the missionaries, you tell the church leaders that whatever they‚re going to do to get the Gospel to the people they had best do it now.. and cease from all of these feel good programs, and presentations, and meetings [Like puppet shows and drama (and reverting to evangelical Judaism‚)] Whatever And return to the preaching of the Gospel as it was on the day of Pentecost! [AMEN!!!] Because what is coming upon the face of the earth there will be more who deny me than will stay true to the Gospel -- and not deny me.

[OK] Brother, that was the most {sigh, sigh}., it was as if I lived it. It was that real. All of the colors of the spectrum were seen, all of the sounds, all the smells, all the tastes, all the feelings, all the emotions, everything. It was as if I were actually living it. Have you ever had a dream like that? [Yes]. And you wanted to wake up and you wanted it not to be real? That is the way it was. Al, it was the most sickening, vile, venomous, nightmare I’ve ever had. And I knew that that kind of dream does not come to a person who is Born Again and Spirit filled. [Amen!] It just doesn’t come unless it proceeds from God the Father as a warning.

And your words, as I was sitting there, and the voice of the Father began to fade to a whisper, I heard him say what you often say at the end of your emails. And He repeated it over and over in a voice that faded until it could be heard no more. Yea, I [have] have [warned] warned thee! [Oh dear Jesus.. Oh God] And it went from this booming voice of a father until it faded into a soft whisper.

I just said, Oh God, what do I do with this?‚ What do I do now?‚ The only thing I can do is write it. I cannot stand behind a pulpit or lectern and say this. [Yeah] Somehow some way I‚m gonna have to tuck this into a book or booklet; because I would be asked to leave the platform. [Oh yeah. That‚s for sure. Even when we do it, or when we write it we‚re gonna have to∑] I’m going to have to use a different name. [We‚ll have to kinda slack it off.] I will not slack it off.

Beginning here would be „Unfaithful Pastor Payoff‰ section, which was at the beginning of this letter.

Folks, this man Bob warned me that there would be a kidnap attempt against me last year when I went to Israel. But he said to go ahead, there will be no problem with your safety. I was up praying at 3 AM when I heard a key rattling the lock.

After about 15 minutes I took the room key and put it into the lock; and went back to bed. In the morning I asked Steve, „Did you lock the door?‰ He either said yes, or probably. Well, folks, I went over and pulled the handle. The door WAS UNLOCKED!! Whoever could have walked in at any time. You figure it. The Angel of the Lord.

Our tour leader had seen an Arabic-looking man in the lobby the evening before peeping over a newspaper; observing. She ran him off. I had not seen him at all; even though I was super cautious the whole trip.

May 24, 2013

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