My 10 year old son has dreams of angels and Jesus. I have had him ask Jesus
in his dreams to show him HIS scars and every time HE does. I have heard of
imposter dreams, where an evil spirit will masquerade as Jesus. Anyways, a
few of his dreams are quite fantastic and exciting, while others seems to
scare him badly. I have recently been discussing with him the case of
giants throughout the bible, ancient and present history. Starting a year
ago he had a slightly awake vision of a very large angel army, chariots of
fire and all, positioned and formed right outside our home and all through
the sky. Facing north and south, all of them large, bright, tall, and
poised for battle. The horses and chariots where larger than normal too. My
son said that the head of the angels was level or so with the gutters of
our roof on our house. Which I believe is over 10 or so feet high. Next he
saw a black beast, sasquatch like, warrior approach from the north alone
and far from our home. He did not come any closer but seemed angry at the
army's presence. I asked him many more detailed questions to see if he was
making this up or simply had seen something. He is not the best story
teller and his detailed descriptions and his mannerisms while telling told
me that he had seen something glorious.
The reason I started emailing you was this next dream though. As of May 26,
and 27 2013 my son had two dreams in a sequence. I have never heard of this
happening over two different consecutive nights before. He had one part of
a dream and the next night had the second part. I was jaw dropped. The 1st
dream goes like this: My son and wife and my youngest were driving and the
car malfunctions and they have to stop at a store or something. He looks
out over the distance and sees trees moving violently. Several large trees
come flying by. Suddenly a large army of giants, taller than the angels in
the dream mentioned above, come plowing from everywhere in the millions.
They have every kind of weapon but guns(I asked him what kind of weapons
did they have and also what did they look like. He said they looked like
normal people just very tall and big.) Swords, axes, shields, bows,
crossbows, spears etc. and they demolished everything and everyone in their
path. My son said my second son and I were not there at first, but were
present during the demolishing of the store that we were all in. He said
the thing that was the most scary was that they just kept coming and coming
for hours. The giants were so many. This ends dream one. That next night he
tells us this dream, scared to go back to sleep. I tell him of his GOD and
the power of HIS protection and the might of HIS angel army and reminded
him of what he saw outside his window that one time. He wakes the next
morning a little timid and tells us he had the rest of the dream. We all
stopped and asked him what he was talking about. He said I had more of the
same dream. I told him that doesn't happen and was he sure. We began the 21
questions. He said the dream left off from where he was in the night
before. He and all of us were hidden in the rubble and shelves of the
store. For some reason the giants didn't see us for a long while. It wasn't
until there was no one left that the giants began to see us. The giants
began to attack but an invisible field did not allow their weapons to
penetrate or come near us. He said thats when from the feet up the angels
started to visibly appear. In a glorious fashion. They were staged in a
circle formation around us. He said an angel turned to him and said, "We
got this. Don't be afraid." At this time he said that we all kind of passed
out. The angels would, once fully visible, start marching and attacking the
giants and as one ring of angels would proceed, and another ring of angels
would manifest and so on and so on. He said the angels were bigger than the
giants in every way. He went on to describe how these angels had slight
differences in appearance and gear, compared to the angels that were
stationed outside our home. They were magnificent. Then there was this one
angel or angel leader, he called him, that was really bright and couldn't
really make out what he looked like. He called down at us and said, "What
are you doing down there, get up here." I asked my son, was that possibly
Jesus. He smiled and said I think it was. I said. "Well what happened
next?" He said, "We were taken to heaven."
Steve I know this is a sensational story, but he has characters, events,
and prophetic scenarios going on here that I haven't explained to him yet.
I get it if you have maybe seen different in your accounts, but I simply
thought this might be one for you to hear and reply to if you so desire. We
thank God for your ministry and Praise Jesus for your bravery and loyalty
to our Maker. I pray this reaches you and blesses you. I hope you continue
to Endure/Persevere. And one day we will meet. All of us. Thank you again.
Be encouraged, bold and brave. This is what you inspire in me. God bless

May 30, 2013

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