AMERICA WILL BECOME LIKE AUSCHWITZ--Seek the Lord Jesus while he may be found!

Dear Bro. Steve,

For the last two weekends I have had two different troubling dreams last saturday I woke up gasping with my heart literally racing it was so intense. But I will start with this one that I dreamt this morning, So I am sitting up typing this asap.
Woke up from another troubling dream this morning 11/4/12, 1:00 am. and in this dream I kept looking at top of this chain link fence and kept trying to focus what was on the name plate on that fence. Which was written small and small name plate as to not get attention thats why I couldn't see it at first) When I finally got in full view of the inscription on the name plate it said "Auschwitz" then I heard America will become like "Auschwitz". Again I heard it and woke up unable to get back to sleep so I began to ask the Lord what are we to do in this.
My first thought was we will have to flee this land. Then I was reminded of the Romanians who were told by the Lord war was coming to their land and he told them to flee, during the night told them what to take. I keep that in the back of my mind always ever since I read the story of there escape. Many troubling woes are coming and the remnant must be on High Alert and listening.

This dream was last weekend. oct 26th,2012
1. I had a dream last night and the first part of the dream I dreamt my stepdad (who is no longer alive) was telling me that I had to have my supplies in my backpack: outside of the house that I needed in an emergency so that If I could not return I would have my emergency supplies.
2. Then He told me that there was an extra locker that I could use and I looked up and it was a locker number nine.
3. Then I began to go up the stairs to my place to go get my backpack and turned and looked over my shoulder only to see several men in green colored hunting type jackets begin to run up the stairs. I got into my apartment and was looking for a place to hide, or jump out the window to escape these terrorizing men I knew what they were going to try and do, I was absolutely terrified.
4. The men were rounding up all the people in this apartment building and focusing on the women. I knew their intention was to harm these women in a sexual manner by raping them. I begin to cry out in my spirit to God and asked him why didn’t you warn me these men were coming I began to call out for help from the Lord.
5. Then instantly I was in the second part of the dream where I begin to tell my daughter that we needed to have our stuff prepared and keep it outside the home in the event we could not return to get our things. Then there was a mountain resort hidden in the forest, I turned and saw in the woods a minibus with lightly tinted windows I went to the bus to get on and saw it was full of these men that I recognized from the dream before that were terrorizing all these people. As I went to get on and looked then I took off running in the opposite direction. Then in the dream I saw them go after the other girl that was trying to get on the bus they had raped her and killed another girl ran into a group of college students blending her self in with the students so these men could not identify her.
6. Then I heard the several college students talking about this girl who had escaped their hands Stating “she had dropped dead of fear” Students were freaked out.
7. Then I saw the same man from that bus began to plunder and murder innocent people for no reason at all other than to strike terror into their hearts. I recognized the face of this one man. This man saw me at the same time I saw him. I woke up with my heart palpitating in my head I was out of breath and I realized that we are in grave danger of those who were pretending to be Americans but they really aren’t and they are going to attack in common areas, hotels,apartments, resorts. I realized God had given me a warning with in both dreams of what was going to happen or could happen if we don’t pray and stand in the Spirit.
Thank you for your time,
I know you get alot of dreams and warnings but these two dreams I felt are really coming. soon . I do have another sister and her husband that I share my dreams ,words with just to hold myself accountable to since there are so many saying thus sayeth the Lord. Please read and discern of which I know you will. Thank you for your bold Audicity to speak forth warnings ,giving information
It was God's direction that got me find you on the internet.
you are a blessing, Stay strong in the Lord. the opinions of others pale in comparision to know the rhema of God.

Nov 4, 2012

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