Good Morning Steve, long time listener/ first time writer from Canada.

I had a vivid dream last night that ended with the overwhelming need to
write down the first 3 chapters of the book of Isaiah. It starts out with
me in some vehicle driving south past a dirt road in what looks like a
Prairie area in the United States when out of nowhere I see hundreds if not
thousands of DHS Bearcats (black/dark blue paintjobs) both parked and
moving west from where I was up another road. I try to take pictures but
the dust kicked up blocks view. When it settles, I then see lumbering tanks
(they looked like M1 Abrams) with odd desert camo markings start moving
with the Bearcats along the side of the road and west again. The dream
jumps then to a Dam and as we drive by there are at least 5 of these tanks
moving across on the top of this dam. We continue to drive past south with
the Dam structure bending out to our right as we go down hill. As soon as
the Dam is out of sight, I feel a huge tremor and hear a very loud
explosion and something tells me it was the Dam. I woke up at that point
and immediately wrote this down. That is when I had this unexplained urge
to read the first three chapters of the book of Isaiah.

I apologize if this sounds all over the place. I am new to bible study and
understanding scripture, I figured if anyone would make sense of this it
would be you.

Thank you for all the work yourself, Pastor David Lankford, Doug and Joe
Hagmann, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam and many others who warn, inform and lift
those of us who will listen up. I for one am saved because of the work
Yourself and the Gentlemen above
do and am eternally grateful for guiding me back and enriching my
relationship with the Lord.

May 31, 2013

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