I had a visit from the Lord last night. I was in a dream and to make it
short and to the point, I was in a outdoor church service at night looking
at five very bright stars in the darkened skies. While the service was
going on the pastor started talking to me when all of a sudden the sky
parted and a very bright and golden light appeared right in front of me.
The voice of the Lord then commenced to speak directly into my soul. My
being felt like I was under a beaming spotlight. He spoke many things to me,
but for some reason He only wanted me to remember one word : Repent!!! He
was speaking of a lot of things that were occurring on the earth and in the
future but said, The only way to be safe from these events is to REPENT! He
was very, very blunt about this!!
After this I was in the congregation and people were fighting amongst each
other over petty things and people were trying to rebuke the words that the
Lord had given me and trying to say it wasnt from him, nor for me. I got a
feeling in my spirit that people did not realize how much our petty
differences make no matter to Him but only repentance of sin in light of what
is coming on the Earth and that we are missing the point!

Jun 4, 2013

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