More Than A Dream
June 9, 2013 –

Yesterday morning, June 8th, I took an early nap. My Pop had a rough night and as a consequence, I only got about 3 ½ hours sleep.

I laid down about 10:30 am. I was exhausted so I slept pretty hard, but started dreaming toward the tail end of the nap.

In my dream, war had broken out throughout America. I was one of the mass of humanity that was preparing for an attack that I knew would come.

Civilian buildings were converted for military use, but we were very low on weapons and ammunition – we needed help.

Suddenly the Canadian military showed up in force. They set up their equipment and barricades in the streets. They were an impressive show of force and with them we had a fighting chance.

Then the attack came. Bombs began to drop all around and people were dying.

In the dream, while bombs were falling, I was very concerned about my wife and started running from building to building calling for her.

It was at that point that I felt a gentle shake on my shoulder and I awoke to find my wife standing over me. My nap time was over.

I jokingly said to her in a daze, we’re under attack! Take shelter!

She said, “What? You heard it too?”

“Heard what?” I asked.

Now here’s where reality and dreaming begin to blur.

I live about an hour away from Los Angeles, in a high-desert community in Southern California.

I had heard that President Obama was supposed to come to Southern California and meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping sometime this weekend. I assumed that it was down by LA.

My wife began to tell me that the two world leaders were meeting a mere twenty to twenty-five miles away, as a crow flies, in Palm Springs, California. Although a significant mountain separates our community, it is geographically much closer to us than Los Angeles.

My wife said that there had been a fighter jet that was buzzing all around out little community for at least an hour. She said it was such a spectacle that all of the neighbors were out in the streets watching the fighter fly fast and low.

Apparently there was a “no-fly” zone put in place and an aircraft had taken off from out small airport. So this jet, was probably enforcing the no-fly rules.

As I sat up on the edge of the bed, my wife said, “So the jet must have worked itself into your dream.”

If you’ve ever had a dream given to you by the Holy Spirit, you’ll know that they are extremely vivid. The colors, sights and sounds are real. You will be able to recall the smallest of details (because God want’s the information out) and you feel like you are right there. That was this kind of dream.

Although I found the dream interesting, I had no idea what it meant – until I talked to a friend on the phone later in the day.

My buddy lives in a different state, far from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. He is a godly man, who walks with Jesus.

I had the urge to call him and tell him about the dream, but didn’t know why.

After listening to my explanation, he made a very astute observation.

He said, “Well Daniel, perhaps that meeting with the Chinese and American leaders was about more than what we were told. Maybe it is a precursor to war.”

Instantly the Holy Spirit confirmed his words in my heart. My dream had been a warning about things to come.

Like so many of the Watchmen that have warned about a coming war with China, I now have confirmation that something is about to happen to change the world forever.

I don’t know when or how, but… war is ahead. To that end, God had me write down this dream for your benefit.

Are you prepared both spiritually and physically?

Time is short.

Jun 9, 2013

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